When women are Kings 1 👑 

Episode 1

They had gathered all together. They were five friends who had nothing doing but gisting about their predicaments. The living room was went furnished.The room wasn’t still swept as an idle broom was left on the floor in the sitting room while the men sat together on the large sofa. The room was quite for a long time.

“Do you all know I went for a test last week and discovered I am two weeks gone?” Kunle broke the silence
“Wow that’s good news”, they all spoke up congratulating him.
” But that’s not good news for Loretta my lady. She had said she wasn’t ready for kids and that I had to abort it or leave her house.” He spoke sadly
“She was very mad at me that I didn’t take the pills as she instructed. She beat me up and sent me out of the house without food.” Kunle had continued
“OMG” Temi had exclaimed
“How can she be so heartless? Babies are gifts from God and they should be cherished.”
“She would never hear any of that”, kunle had chipped in
” That’s sad because Florence and I have been married for three good years but no children. I keep getting miscarriages and my parents in law are threatening to throw me out of my matrimonial home” his voice trailed off like he was about to cry. His friends held him and tapped him softly, so he continued.
“If only God can give me just a child, only one child even if he’s half, so I can have peace at home,I do be glad. Even Florence as changed, I suspect she’s having another affair with another man. Now here you are with a child and Loretta is complaining…”

“I always knew that woman to be foolish but not to this extent” David who’s been quite had added. Everyone had a good laugh except Kunle.

“Don’t start learning how to be a comedian with your dry jokes with my lady o. I no dey use her joke” he had fired at David fiercely
“Hahahaha… Kunle why take everything to heart? We all know how David jokes na” Francis the fourth fair guy with the full hair like a prof and baratone voice had tried to cool the air. He was knowned for his good nature and he’s always the one settling issues between them. He acted more maturely and hardly complained about his family problems which seem to be the biggest.He’s got three kids already

David is the comedian of the five friends. He had cracked a joke one time with his lady that she had used the hot pan he was using to fry eggs for breakfast to break his head. David had been hospitalized for two days and the scar is always there while his friends used it to make fun of him. He’s the tallest of them all with well shaved beards, long nose and a bald head. Perfectly ugly.

Kunle had the ever serious look. Never taking jokes and always fighting. That’s how him and his stubborn lady keeps disturbing the peace of the neighborhood they live in as they are constantly at loggerheads. He had the big head and tiny lips but very cute sexy eyes which had attracted Loretta to him even though she had married before.

Temi is the one with the cute face, perfect body and structure but no issue. He had married Florence as a virgin and at first their marriage was lovey and dovey.He’s the one with the soft heart who cries about almost everything and hardly went for their outings as his lady keeps him locked at home except on rare occasions. Like the one they had months ago which had ended their day out in catastrophe because of him and his wife.

Ebuka, the only Igbo guy amongst them is also very fine. Married to a rich quite older woman, Lola, seems to be the only one enjoying his marriage or maybe a cover up,his friends had tried to figure out but the two kept family out of their eyes which made them believe they were probably in love…. But well he keeps complaining that his lady says he’s a bad cook and well he had accepted because all his trail to cook meals for her ended in him almost burning down the house. So most times they ate out.

But he never told them how his fat wife climbs on him everyday….
#pretty Ginika 


About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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