When women are KINGS 👑 

This story I’m about to write about is very real and happened while I grew up. Never doubt the authenticity.

God had gone on a very long journey that he won’t be returning in a month’s time. He left the world in the hands of the Angels. There were six angels, five were female while one is a male and that’s Angel Gabriel.

The Female Angels heard the cries of the women of the world who were being treated unfairly and unjustly by their male counterparts.They heard when the women scream during prayers…

“We want freedom, we want to rule” and some in sober tunes say so too.

So the female angels planned to teach the male counterparts a lesson.

So while Angel Gabriel drank and made merry as the head of the world until God returns, the other Angels drugged him and made him sleep like forever.

And that was how the Female Angels changed the world and made Women KINGS…..

#pretty Ginika



Please Visit this Website For more episodes. 👍

It will answer the question “what happens when women rules!”


About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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