Journey to the Desert Colosus

Another great poem from Thomas McKinney.

He wants to dedicate this one to the memory of Lord Dunsany, and the living legend of La Lady de la Florida.

Also, to Shigeru Miyamoto…

Journey to the Desert Colossus

I feel I am floating along as
my heart calls out in longing.
I see it before me now.
The monolith in the desert oasis.
I yearn more than anything to go there.
Only you can help me find the way.
Only the two of us together
can find and unlock the secrets.

Me and you,
dear Lady De la Florida!
You sadly have never heard my name,
but your image sears my heart.
Perfect body,
red lips that demand a kiss,
and your shining golden hair.

Your smile is full of the warm tropical sun,
and your eyes sparkle with the sensuality of the south.
And tho I have never met you,
the thought of you thrills my mind
with a sensation that makes my blood tingle!

I grow faint, my breath stops.
My heart beats against my chest and
I can barely go on.
And that’s when I see it again,
the monolith. I feel the longing!

If we could only meet,
we could journey through the burning sands together,
past the ruins of old Bethmoora.
Through the streets of lost Persepolis
and finally, the colossus rises
in the oasis far from the paths of man.

When we reach it,
I shall fall into your arms,
you melt into me,
and I into you.
We hold each other close,
as we recline by the waters in shade of the monolith.

I lay upon your chest as we sip our wine.
You call me precious as I taste your lips!
And lo, the wind on the plateau blows cold,
and I hear a voice saying,
“She will never see,
and you shall never find the monolith.”


I shudder and march on…

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