Review of I Believed Him (Book, 2017)

James L Hines is someone I’m not familiar with personally. But as I was given a free copy of this book to review for a friend, I felt it necessary to add my own two cents on what is sure to be an aspiring read for anyone familiar with the Lily Baptist Church and Herbalife.

That’s right. I mentioned Herbalife. See, they’ve donated to some charities that Hines is associated with which is part of the reason why I’m writing this review of I Believed Him.

Written by the pastor to give both inspiration and friendly financial and family advice, Hines autobiography is in part inspiring but as well humbling in its simplicity.

Hines was a man who listened to advice and followed the Word that the Spirit brought to us, which must be an explanation for much of this man’s success. While we shouldn’t place our treasures in earthly matters, Hines reminds us that by following the faith set forth to us by the God of Abraham, we all can achieve financial independence and become a leader of a local community as he has.

There’s humor thrown into the mix as well. Hine tells a very gut-busting story of how he warned Deacons at his church that if they didn’t vote for him to be the head pastor their wives would die, or so God said. And sure as my filthy mouth can exclaim, all 6 of their wives died the following year.

Maybe that’s morbid, but it gives you a clue as to the character of this guy. He’s humble, but he’s not without a chuckle.

There’s some good stuff in here. If you’re not from the local area around Lily Baptist Church this book might seem irrelevant to you, but I assure you the man has some much-needed advice for those of you who feel stuck in poverty and trapped by circumstances beyond your control.

While I agree that familial curses are real, Hines reminds us that we don’t have to live a destiny that is hinted at by Old Testament scripture. Which for many folks like myself is enough to give joy and thanks, because as someone who seems to have perpetually fallen into the trap that my parents found myself in at my age, I feel cursed a lot.

Hines goes into detail about listening to God and dealing with the Holy Spirit which might put off some of my non-Christian followers, but I assure this is a ham-fisted finger wagging portrait of sinners.

Hines’ autobiography in many ways resembles my favorite go-to for homespun tales of empowerment and independence The Autobiography of Ben Franklin. Both have their humor and inspirational advice, and here Hines has written quite the lovely tale of obedience and self-fulfillment when living a life dedicated to the Glory of God.

I recommend you buy the book if you’re into such affairs, but trust the Spirit when it tells you, James L. Hines, is the real deal.


As always, much love and God bless!



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