💔NepTune lounge 👙

Neptune Lounge…

In the mornings I was just a cashier at a bank close to my place where I am all dressed in a suit and at night, I work as a waitress in a lounge where I hardly covered my boobs. I got to know people really had two lives, not just me.

I held champagne on one hand and a bucket of Ice on the other hand. As I walked swiftly down the nearly dark room, I stepped on a guy whose nostrils were overtaken by the handful of smoke he puffed out from the shisha pot. He raised his redden eyes, the shisha pipe rested on his lips. I quickly smiled at him and looked on at him with my pleading eyes. Surprisedly he raised his voice at me. There was hullabaloo for some time in the clubroom.

He was calmed down and I was asked to apologize. I felt really bad but with my boss’s eyes staring at me,  I had quietly said sorry and left. I went to the restroom to cool off my anger, I hated embarrassment and this dark man in distressed jeans, ash-colored top, and a face cap just made me go through one.

One hot afternoon, I was ready to go home from my banking job. I stood by the roadside and waved helplessly at every cab passing by. My head dozed up with sweats and as I used my hands to wipe them away, I muttered: ” Lagos can be frustrating.”

A white jeep that had passed me, made a U-turn and stopped before me. He rolled down his car glasses and I looked in scanning the face.

“Don’t you know me?” The guy sitting comfortably in his AC car well dressed in the navy blue shirt and black trousers questioned me.

“No, I don’t” I answered quite Impatiently

“Ain’t you the lady who stepped on me the other day at the lounge?”

“Oh-oh-oh! You the rascal!” I said recollecting the incident

“Hahaha… I’m sorry about that night huh. I was drunk. You can see right now that I’m not always like that” he said grinning.

“Oh…really?” I looked at him disgusted

“Here, have my card,” He said handing me his office card and I went ahead to scan it.

“Wow, he’s the owner of the biggest hospital in Lagos, this small boy!” I said to my self-shocked.

“So you are a doctor?!” I asked not able to hide my shock.

“And so you a night striper is a banker?” He asked sarcastically grinning

“We could both hook up huh, he continued … I can see we are birds of the same feathers” he said laughing as well as scanning all through my outfit which is very different from what I wear at Nights.

Then he zoomed off.

I looked on helplessly angry but knowing I would still contact him….

“Such is life”

I sighed finally getting a slow ass cab…

#pretty Ginika



About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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