Review of Keepers (Book, 2017)

Review of the Keepers

Sacha Black is an author I became acquainted recently with when a spirit told to me start signing up for those annoying e-mail pop-ups that, well, pop-up when you click on the website

Over the course of two months, I started signing up for everything, including Sacha’s own email list. When she asked for new reviews for her recent book, The Keepers, I knew this was the right choice.

This is my review.

Eden is a woman on the verge of something great if only she can get through the last ceremony for her school’s final ceremony where she’ll be bound to her elder picked soulmate.

I’ll be honest. YA is a genre I’ve slowly become unfamiliar with. I grew up on Phillip K. Dick novels and Bruce Coville alien stories. So to say I am the wrong audience for this book is putting it mildly.

But I have to admit. This novel was a heart-warmer.

Eden seems stuck to a self-centered partner named Victor, who seems to not have the same heart. He swears he loved Eden but the feeling is hardly mutual.

Mind you, all of this would be fine until a fellow siren named Trey shows up. He’s a handsome man with a chiseled jaw and prince-charming good looks, which seems to throw Eden for a stir.

Those two were friends from childhood but Eden seems to have forgotten Trey. But now that they find themselves together through an unfortunate set of circumstances–Eden’s parents are killed–she finds herself slowly falling under Trey’s spell.

Chaos ensues as Trey is bound to his own soulmmate, which leaves Eden resentful. But all this changes when a prophecy is discovered which suggests that Eden might not be destined to her fate with Victor afterall.

At heart a classic love triangle, the concept will definitely stir the imagination of young women looking for a fresh take. Eden’s world is one of magic and wonder, where young people have special abilities and giant missions to protect. It’s a world where earthlings are unaware of the magic that is involved in their lives or the spirits watching over them.

But to be honest, that description does the book injustice. The truth is this a for a teenage audience, and honestly, I’m not the guy to sell you this book. I’m just here to tell you I enjoyed it and so should you. Which is why I recommend you purchase a copy of Sacha’s new book and leave a glowing review if you at all care about an emerging author in a wonderful genre.

As always, much love and God bless!



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2 Responses to Review of Keepers (Book, 2017)

  1. Sacha Black says:

    Thank you so much for such a lovely review – I’m off to share this everywhere 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No problem Sacha. Thanks for sharing it!


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