Faint love ♥ 

Please Read while listening to a Romantic Song 🔊 

***Writing this because i miss someone😭
I sat by the riverside,sad. I watched as it flowed peacefully southwards. Its source, we do never know. Just few weeks ago, Carter and I had sat on the log of wood we had made ourselves. I had lived a life of simplicity in the village before he came around to serve as a Corper and taught me what love was about. 
He had been hiding in the bush for good one week, trailing me and watching my every move. Then he had finally showed up on a certain hot sunny afternoon, when i had tried lifting a gallon of water on my head. It was close to impossible, because it was very heavy. I had sat down frustrated and helpless because the stream was a very lonely one, I preferred it because, I had learnt to live alone. I had no parent, just a little sister mum had tried delivering when she had died. Dad had gone few weeks after she did. All I lived for was for my little beautiful sister.
Carter came along to help me. I was scared when i saw the dark guy appear from no where. The cute thing was, he helped me carry the gallon himself home. All I did was smile at him, and as devilish and smart I could be, I made him go to the stream four good times when I had initially planned going once.
My sister loved him too. He was caring, not just to me but to her too. Our love story started few months after, he helped me work on my spoken English. Encouraged me and was my back bone. We stole the nights by slipping away quietly to the stream to watch the moon sleep and the Stream lay to rest after we must have sang for my kid sister. We would kiss, hug tightly and sometimes watch me close my eyes on his chest while he protects me from mosquitoes with his clothe.
But a week ago, he had broken up. He was done serving and would be going back to Lagos and wouldn’t cope with the long distance. I had tried convincing him with tears in my eyes that I would manage, that we could do it. But He turned his back on me, asking me to move on. My world had crashed. My sister cried. All i do till now is to come to the stream to cry till it’s late….
Then there was an usual noise, Then a light whisper of her name”Song”

She had turned back to meet a Tall dark Carter with open arms starring straight into her eyes, without thinking, with tears in her eyes, she ran with so much speed and landed like a baby on him…

“I missed you baby…I came back for you….”

Was all he could say…


#pretty Ginika 



About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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  1. Awesome stuff David!

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  2. gbabeteam says:

    Thanks so much


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