Pomona and the endless wastes…

As I stare at the night sky,

as I behold the stars,

I long for you to stand next to me.

I wish to gaze with you

at the celestial vault

and dream together of infinite space.

I roam alone down dark deserted streets,

and listen to the sounds of night.

Sick and wasted, I think I am going mad.

The anger mounts.

I could tear the room apart.

I am alone.

I must remain silent.

None to hear me.

Only one cure, only one thing I crave.

I crave the warmth of your arms.



a kind word from you

would be all it would take,

and I am convinced what it will take,

to bring me back around again.

As I stand at this corner of the mournful waste,

I am torn by sorrow,


and fear!

I imagine you are here,

I lean in for an embrace

wanting to feel the warmth of your flesh,

the beat of your heart!

To drown in your caress,

and have you vanquish my doubts.

To have the queen of my desire

tell me I truly am worthy of her heart–

most precious of all treasures I seek!

For that Pomona,

I could put all at my feet!

To have your eyes look on me with desire,

I would journey long across desolate wastes.

I would conquer whole kingdoms!

I would unearth rare jewels

and adorn you with them!

I would possess ancient wisdom

and the riches of Tartessos

just to share them with you!

Oh to be the author of great deeds

just to have you listen!

But here I am broken,ย  almost ill.

The wind howls over this darkened waste.

The world is so cold and pale,

as my heart is nothing but a bleak Antarctic landscape.

I knowย tomorrow will be the same,

and you never hear me!

Tonight it’s all I can do

to keep from screaming your name!

How I wish you could be here to collect my tears!

But I am adrift forever in this endless void!

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