my own BOSS

Trying out for the umpteenth time a casual outfit for my day out today was stressful. You do think I was going to a Dinner date or something. I just wanted to look beautiful for myself. Not for one stupid ass Nigga. Who even got that theory that you only look good when you going out with a guy? I had wondered.
I took out time to think about my Ex. I had just walked out of a seeming beautiful relationship but I was lucky enough to know it wasn’t a promising relationship and I was smart enough to know when to walk out like a queen I was.
So I finally picked simple distressed jeans and an off-shoulder top with a simple sandal and a black purse bag and did a little makeup. I’m not much a fan of makeup. I loosened up my human hair weave on and allowed it to be free like a bird. Then Left my room in distress…”Hahaha, untidy😉”
I got out of my crib, I have been indoors after the breakup trying much not to cry my eyes out. Finally, I felt the sun peel through my skin. I got a cab that got me to the mall,(I didn’t want to take my car)Maryland Mall Lagos. Got in, had Ice cream. Ya, I love Ice cream. Took pictures and smiled. I enjoy my company so much. Since I own my business, no one would question me. I’m taking some days off from work, I winked as I thought about it.
The next few days were spent with my squad! We call ourselves the “Three Musketeers” laugh if you like😂. They were so happy I was back to them and over with my breakup. We took crazy pictures, ate out and kissed. Ya! Our friendship is strong like that❤

I love my squad. I understood having loyal girlfriends is better than millions of boyfriends. Guys ain’t worth shit. I had left my squad during my four months relationship because my ex didn’t like them. But they stayed while he left…
I enjoyed my leave with them. We saw movies, went shopping, went horse riding and even did a day camp out where they cooked my favorite to my surprise😆. They went on leave too for me😊

It was crazy with them, I wish I could break up again😄

Well we the “Three single Musketeers”❤❤

And we got our backs😍

This is not about me. But this is how we should spend our days after breakups, Instead of crying our eyes out😂 Guys ain’t worth shit babies😘😂


Pretty Ginika💓❤💕



About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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