Review of How to Think by Alan Jacobs (Book, 2017)

Review of How to Think

Alan Jacobs presents a funny argument. If you want to become a better thinker, open yourself to the possibility that the people around you aren’t stupid.

Bonkers, right?

And yet in my review of his new book, How To Think, I want to harp on this fact. Thinking isn’t hard.

Opening one’s self to criticism is.

Which is why I find Alan Jacob‘s book so curious. Jacobs admits he is a New Anglican Christian and a scholar. While the book is stuffed with academic pretentious that is par the course for such material, I find it hilarious that a man who espouses opening one’s mind also seems to have a rather critical mind himself.

Jacobs reprimands us for not opening yourself to the possibility that the people we disagree with may have a point but then backtracks on this by admitting he gets outraged when he sees something he doesn’t like on social media.

Which is fine. I appreciate his honesty. But how you can position yourself as an authority on a way of thinking when you yourself don’t hold your end of the bargain up?

Perhaps I’m being too strict.

Perhaps too critical.

Like I said. I like the message he’s proposing.

I think more people should open their minds and at least hear what everyone else is saying. But when you have to preface your opinion of the wonderful children’s novel The Giver by saying it has a blunt metaphor, as if that critical thought is the height of intellectualism, then I have to question if that person is the right one to be leading this cause.

But again, it’s a nice book. And it has a nice message. And it sounds impressive like any peer-reviewed academic text should.

Just not sure if Alan Jacobs is the guy to be leading the charge.


As always, God bless and much love.



FTC Reminder: This is a book review written for Blogging for Books.


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