Shadows 😢 

They had loved themselves

Way back.

He had knelt down that 

Early morning and made her finger

House his silver ring.

The early rising sun

Had danced to the melody of their kiss..
Now they are shadows

He hits her with his rod

And she screams back at him

Like she doesn’t care..

He hits her and sends her out under the

Hot sun or the cold rainy nights

And she cursed him as she walked

Away in the cold.
How did their love change?

How did the white and the suit

Hate themselves these much?

How did they become these shadows?
He signed those white papers

And told the attorney she was ugly and lazy

She screamed at the benches and wigs

“He is weak but violent.”

Her swollen face spoke volumes.

“Oh, you made her ugly” They questioned the suit.
As I sat down in the quite of the room

Watching the Shadows argue

And the final papers of their division signed

My eyes rained… 
Those are my parents and I’m a shadow of

Myself too…





Pretty Ginika


About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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1 Response to Shadows 😢 

  1. A very powerful poem David. Congratulations on joining the team by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

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