Double life! 

It was a dark rainy night. Torre couldn’t make it home because it rained heavily. She took Lanre’s hands, kissed his fingers.

“Sometimes, I just wanna be sure you do always be mine. Like I’m so crazy about you”… She said still standing

“Baby I love you,” Lanre said between smiling

“Let’s dance” Was all she could say…
Then there was a slow music played on her phone. She stood on her toes, swayed from right to left. Touched her body sexily. She wined and shook her butts. She drew lane towards her, rested his head on her boobs, he held her waist with one hand and she held his other hand. They moved together rhythmically. She kissed his foreheads, he kissed her boobs…
A lady walked into the dark room, without noticing the dancing couple and they not noticing her enter…

“Lanre! I forgot my Pink favorite pant here. Did you help me see it?” she looked up

A confused Torre looked up and met the lady Lanre had introduced as his cousin…
The lady starred at Lanre then at Torre who was still holding his hands

“Lanre why you dancing with your step sister in such manner?” She stared confused

Lanre was speechless…
A confused Torre left his hands and ran into the cold dark night with the rain dripping and washing her tears away.

And they starred in awe….confused too.



(if you were a victim of a player, what would be your reaction??  )


About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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