How to Get Free Books — Leverage Your Strengths as A Writer

Leverage Your Skills as a Blogger

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Okay, folks.

While this is an art blog, and while I do talk about art, one thing I like to do is share some wisdom I’ve learned along the way as a professional writer.

If you’re like me and into the reviewing businesses, one way you can leverage your strengths as a writer is writing product reviews. And if you’re like me and looking how to get free books, read further.

Free Books Are Awesome

That’s right. As a critic and someone who is very passionate about the literary art form, I love scoring free books.

But one thing I struggled with early on in my career was finding free ones to review without having to blow a ton of cash.

Yes, there are libraries you can go to to find books, but chances are those books have been reviewed to death.

What you’re after is a book that needs to be reviewed. Something new. Something fresh.

And while the options are limitless, you need a way to get free books.

Which is why I’m sharing this wisdom.

Leverage Your Strengths as a Writer

Yes, if you have a blog and are into writing professional reviews, you can get free books. The process is actually simple.

The easiest way to do this is to offer your services to other writers in exchange for their books. While you may not make actual cash, you can score some free copies.

The best method to doing this is to contact local authors in your area and network with them. I myself know this works because I recently did this with a guy I’ve networked with in the past.

That review was written as a personal favor, and yes, I did receive a personal copy of his book. Along with his signature. Pretty nifty, right?

And while this may seem like a pretty daunting challenge for newbies who might be timid when asking, you’d be surprised how many people will say yes.

It’s that simple.

But wait, there’s an even simpler way.

That’s right. Besides reaching out to local authors and picking up the dreaded telephone, you can learn how to get free books by leveraging your skills as a writer.

If you write a blog and have a knack for writing reviews, you can find websites on the Internet that will provide you free copies of books in exchange for reviews.

My personal favorite is Blogging for Books.

What you do is register with their services and promise to write an honest review. You get to pick the book you want to write and they send you a copy.

It’s that simple.

So next time you’re in the market for free books, check out some of these sites or even contact a local author. And make a connection while you’re at it.

Here’s a recent review I wrote using Blogging for Books.

As always, God bless and much love.





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