Pomona’s Orchard

The Following was written by local Toledo poet Thomas McKinney


I walk in a forest wet with dew

and I see you standing there

where a beam of light breaks thru the trees.

You greet me with a sweet hello.

Oh Pomona!

But you speak no more to me.

I see you pass by aloof,

I see you by the cliffs of the sea.

Pomona you are always shrouded in mist.

Always silent.

If only I knew you saw me too.

I dream of you as I lay in darkest night.

The dream I dream for us Pomona,

is to walk with no one but ourselves

into the deepest woods.

Into darkness, alone.

That you would break your silence

as we recline by an abandoned fount

on a bed of strange flowers

that only we know the name of.

That you would hold me tight in your arms.

That I could kiss

that lovely snow white almost porcelain cheek.

That I could see the blush

of a young girl play across

that white landscape.

That I could clasp lovely,

gentle Pomona

alone in the shadows

of that wood where none could see.

You would call me sweet.

You would tell me

never to go from your arms.

We two could recline as if in reverie,

a lovely mist covered dream

as old as time without end.

And I want to know, Pomona.

I want you to tell me

your deepest fears.

I want you to draw closer.

I want to hold you tighter.

As we lay together

and gaze at the leaves above us.

I want to touch one moment

your milk white breasts

and the next your ample stomach.

To kiss your alabaster neck

and nestle in your golden hair.

To hear you moan

and see you swoon.

Sadly, it’s all a dream.

To know you at least saw

my charms as well,

would be worth the cosmos.

Years will pass,

years have past,

and we will never know each other.

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3 Responses to Pomona’s Orchard

  1. Justin says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad your like it. I’m looking for submissions and this one is my first.


  3. Thanks Justin! Glad ya dig it my man!

    Liked by 1 person

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