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An Ode to a Poet Who Dwells in my Soul

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I'm feeling like Bukowksi

When Emily is inside me…

Stealing my thunder,

And posting this for herself!


She says to the Wonder…

Is my favorite film…

And so I should aplunder

What else can I spell?


Mrs. Emily,

do you like what you see?

She says I'm still waiting, my hero,

ever patiently–


and so we rode off into the sunset,

white horse and all

as she took my off dress shirt

and revealed her bra…


A corset it was not

but rather a see through

and so that was my imagination

seeing what it could do…


And yes, I found it helpful to speak to you…

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My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.

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