Mary Gets a Job

Welcome back to another exciting adventures of Mary. For last week’s episode, click here: Mary Has a Guest For Dinner

On this weeks episode, we’ll learn just why God is upset with Mary, and why Jesus never showed up for dinner. But first, an exciting advertisement from our sponsors!

My Autobiography


And now, from our sponsors, we invite you to please purchase this book and leave a comment for Tina on her blog, which can be found after purchasing her exciting new book!

But first, back to our purpose!

Ananda: Tina, how did you find us?

Tina: Well, you came to me!

Ananda: Then how can they find us?

Ananda: Pray first and he shall reveal himself.

Tina: Thank you Tina!

Alright folks, you heard it first! Let’s return to our narrative!

On last week’s episode, Mary was told by her late Husband Tom that her husband was really alive and that Jesus was coming to visit her for diner. But just when Tina came by, Mary opened the door and awoke to find that Jesus was displeased with her. Which brings us to tonight’s episode!

Tina, do you know why you have been invited into this narrative?

I have been trained in a course in miracles.

And have you found what you were searching for?

I have found hope but now I pray for this one. I understand his struggle. Please be patient.

Mary woke to find that she was in the midst of a tribulation and that her life was just the beginning of something larger. But the question now loomed over her: Would she changer her ways and follow in the footsteps of Jesus?

Mary, why do you long for Tom when he is with you?

Who is that? she asked, staring out her bedroom window.

The man who prays for you.

Tom, why didn’t Jesus show up for dinner?

Because you never invited him in. He will never show up without an invitation.

But I pray to him everynight, doubly so after you left.

Yes, but have you asked him to come over for dinner?

Why would I have done that?

Because you are praying for something else. You were praying to see me again. But now I’m asking you to pray for Tina to come by and show you how can you find Jesus!

Who is Tina?

Why don’t you ask and find out?

Well folks, that’s it for this week’s episode of The Ongoing Adventures of Mary. Due to lack of exposure, we face the threat cancelling this thrilling miniseries, but will continue on with your continued hearts and prayers. But first, we must know you’re out there and want you to seek us through these two. Until next week, adios amigos!


About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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3 Responses to Mary Gets a Job

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  2. Whooa… you can’t stop writing that – I had a word with his majesty the King of the World, and what Trump told me was that he’d just passed a law which says you can’t to stop writing just because a load of philistines can’t be bothered to read your excellently crafted madness. You can’t break this rule; it’s not covered by the poetry, artist, musician and dancer clause.

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  3. Haha yeah I have to get back to it. Hopefully next season!

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