Mary Has a Guest For Dinner

Welcome to the ongoing adventure of Mary! We’re so excited for you to turn into our favorite daytime soap opera! Now that you’re here, treat yourself to a recap of last night’s episode!

As you may have heard by now, Jesus is coming to dinner. But little does Mary know that he isn’t the person she was expecting. Nor does she realize that her late husband Tom is in fact alive at this moment, waiting to see her again…

For a full recap, read last night’s episode hereThe Ongoing Adventures of Mary #3


As Mary looked around the room trying to find something to occupy her mind, she heard a loud knock from the living room door. Remembering what her late husband Tom had just told her, she felt another tingling sensation.

Go to the door, Mary, Tom said. Her loins cooled down a bit now, but her heart was now beating very rapidly, as if it was the creature from the film Alien ready to burst out of her chest.

“Who can it be?” she thought to herself, looking around quizzically.

Why don’t you go and find out, Tom said.

“Yes, dear,” she thought. Mary stood up, and walked out of the living room and into a bright ray of light, only to be awoken from a dream. It was at this moment that she realized she had made the whole thing up,or so she thought.

But just when she felt a tear start to swell in her eye, there was another tingling sensation.

It was God this time, and he was not too pleased…


Well folks, what does God have in store for Mary now that she missed her date with Jesus? Tune in next time to find out, as we continue our ongoing adventures with Mary!




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