A Short Review of Shipwreck #1 (Comic Book, 2017)

A Short Review of Shipwreck #1 (Comic Book, 2017)

Much like listening to the first song of an entire album, reading the first issue of a comic book series is a little like testing the water, seeing if the temperature is just right to get in. That about sums up my experience reading this debut comic book from acclaimed writer Warren Ellis, who the back on the comic informs me wrote the comic books that would inspire the films Red and Iron Man 3. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to excite me into jumping into the water, nor did the actual story itself encourage me to dive further.

This comic is essentially a mystery presented in the form of a man named Dr. Jonathan Shipwright, a US Air Force Pilot who is the lone survivor of shipwreck who has the ability to transport from what appears to be on the other sides of doors. It’s a neat ability I suppose if it can be explained why it matters, which will hopefully happen in further issues.

But the real hook is the mystery of who sabotaged Shipwright’s air ship, along with the identity of the cop investigating the incident as well as why our main guy decides to kill a woman who has a penchant for cooking human eyeballs and hearts.

And boy is it violent. The woman is impaled thru her side temple by a meat hook, but not before she slips on the said eyeball. No doubt meant to be shocking, it merely felt like schlock that should shock an unadulterated audience ripe to be shocked by outrageous gratuity and violence and yet too young to purchase this comic. And perhaps that is enough of a hook for an audience raised on gore and first person shooter video games who find themselves desensitized to overdone violence. I merely yawned and finished the issue ready to return it to the librarian who gave it to me for free in the first place. And with that I’ll pass.


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