The Teachings From Jesus in His Book “Jesus: My Autobiography”

The following is a reference to follow while reading thru the book Jesus: My Autobiography.

For further information on how to read the book and who to contact regarding its authorship, please contact Tina Spalding at her website:

  1. Judgement is the worst crime we can commit
  2. All beings have free will
  3. All beings are given their own guidance systems
  4. Approach people with kindness
  5. We have the power to transform the physical world by what we focus on
  6. Suffering, sacrifice, and martyrdom are not required of our spiritual journey
  7. By focusing on our own minds and selves we can become: Powerful, Valuable, and Nicer
  8. Freel gratitude and grace when receiving gifts
  9. To refuse an offering is to cut the flow of energy to us
  10. If we cannot accept the small gifts, we will never receive the larger gifts
  11. Let go of material wealth and enjoy life
  12. Learn to relax and calm the mind (Mike’s note: Keep the Sabbath)
  13. Men must look at women with more respect
  14. Women are more in tune with the nonphysical
  15. When we connect with our minds and not our egos we better able to relate
  16. Listen to others
  17. We must travel to foreign areas to overcome our own cultural mindsets
  18. To ease suffering we must change our mindsets
  19. The outside world is a manifestation of our minds
  20. What we believe is true is what creates our reality
  21. Embrace equality
  22. We must forgive each and look past our sins
  23. If we believe in our divine nature, our creativity, our hearts, our kindness, our connections to others, and our ability to transform and create our own world, then we are on the right track
  24. We can tap into our own divine nature thru meditation and prayer
  25. All are equal in the eyes of God
  26. Enlightenment is the complete removal of all negative thoughts
  27. A miracle is something out of time and out of the normal laws of physics that we hold true
  28. We must teach the relief of suffering where people are actually suffering
  29. The body is nothing
  30. We are all divine manifestations of God
  31. When we wake up we will be released from our current suffering
  32. Sickness is an expression of fear
  33. We do not have to be poor to be enlightened
  34. We all have a life’s purpose
  35. Follow our own guidance systems
  36. Our guidance system is our feelings and response signals
  37. When we are not at peace, we are stressed out, worried, and/or fearful
  38. Change our minds to transform our physical worlds
  39. Our sicknesses are manifestations of negative energy (thoughts)
  40. We must forgive ourselves for the errors we made in creating this world
  41. We will only be punished by our own mind
  42. There is no hell but the one we are living in at the moment
  43. Retaliation keeps us in the act of separation from God
  44. We must turn the other cheek
  45. Forgiveness is a reinforcement of oneness and a connection to source
  46. Forgiveness is a physical manifestation of the belief in oneness
  47. There is no loss at all in the practice of forgiveness
  48. Sex is an act of divine love
  49. We have been given two gifts from the Divine source to take with us on our journey to enlightenment: Personal Guidance System and Sexual Energy
  50. The mind can use energy for whatever it chooses
  51. When we feel aroused (sexual energy) offer them up to God
  52. We must change our mindsets in order to reach enlightenment
  53. Our world is a reflection of our mindsets
  54. We must live our lives to the fullest
  55. We must rescue and reeducate ourselves
  56. We must think differently in order to change our reality
  57. In order to hear Ananda, we must quiet our inner voices (ego)
  58. Our own guidance system has been given to us to allow us to reach enlightenment (inner peace)
  59. Forgive our partners
  60. Forgive our own bodies
  61. Our behaviors are a consequence of thoughts which are a consequence of our beliefs
  62. Reject social teachings and treat everyone with kindness and forgiveness
  63. We must embrace both male and female qualities as equally important and necessary for balance and harmony in our lives
  64. Ananda speak to us thru our desires
  65. In order to quiet our minds, we must honor ourselves first
  66. Our power must be used with discretion and love and separate from the ego
  67. Thoughts do not disappear but coalesce and become entrapped by our own guidance systems
  68. We reach Heaven, not thru death but awakening
  69. Ask Ananda to communicate with us
  70. As we open ourselves up, more knowledge will come to us

For a more comprehensive reference guide, please click on the following link for full access to my personal notes and interpretations Jesus: My Autobiography: 


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2 Responses to The Teachings From Jesus in His Book “Jesus: My Autobiography”

  1. Bonsai says:

    Oh gosh! #1 is so so hard! I’m not surprised though. And even if we don’t say it but think it…probably just about as bad. I confess.

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  2. I find controlling my thoughts is always something to work on. Thanks for the comment.

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