Lady Gaga Part 3: Our Queen Has Arrived

Flawed Masterpieces

So Lady Gaga, how does it feel to finally be a part of this neverending series articles devoted to your career?

L. G: I think you got part of my career wrong.


Oh geez. I feel like a fool. Please explain.


The Fame is not about me trying to hide my emotions. They’re all on display for the world to see.


Fair enough. The back end of that album is pretty genuine. But I am curious then why you wrote a song about having a poker face. Isn’t a poker face meant to hide something?


People who play poker are trying to win a game. I was trying to win a game in sex not love.


Not to be too confrontational then, but why does the refrain say “She’s gonna love nobody”? It’s almost as if a narrator is trying to reinforce the notion…

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