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Movie Pitch: Red’s Story

Red’s Story: Movie Pitch


Idea Title: Red’s Story


Log Line: The early life and prison career of Red, from the film Shawshank Redemption. A prequel of sorts.


Synopsis: The origin story of Red that follows his life as a troubled child all the way to his rise as a inmate at the dreaded Shawshank Prison. Red starts out as a criminal, is institutionalized, and becomes a man who can get you things in prison. The story is told in flashbacks similar to the film The Hurricane and chronicles. While in prison, Red starts out as a scared inmate who gets beat up and tortured and finds solace in a mysterious figure in solitary confinement who teaches Red the way of getting things to hustle in prison. The film ends with Red meeting Andy Dufray from the first film.


Type: Movie


Genre: Crime


2nd Genre: Drama


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