Well this is fucking bullshit.

My favorite television show, that I never got to fucking see, got cancelled after just one season (not really, it just lost it’s host, but you get the drift).

That’s right bitches, I’m talking about Celebrity Apprentice, a show so funny that you’ll spill your milk of laughter has lost the one and only main man Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is complete BS!

Apparently the reason of his departure is do to fucking Donald Trump killing its ratings, but I think that’s just a red herring. The truth is that Arnold probably has more integrity than to waste his time on such bullshit. And honestly, that’s how I feel too!

Arnold needs to hit the gym and do what he does best, which is pump some damn iron. And dammit, we need a sequel to that documentary too!

So you Arnold, don’t quit the limelight yet! The camera still needs you, and those glorious biceps too!



Arnold Schwarzenegger Quits <i>Celebrity Apprentice</i>, Blames Anti-Trump Boycott


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