He asked me to watch

“Are you sure you can handle this?” the man asked me, handing me a wad of 100s. Stefani sat on the bed across from me, her black tank top pulled and bra up to her neck, exposing her pointy breasts and mid size areolas in a manner that made me a little jealous. She had a smile on her face that was ashamed to be turned on and yet excited for what was to come, even if I knew I would regret this.

“I’ll be fine,” I lied, sitting in my arm chair, still watching Stefani’s smile. In the bathroom across the small apartment room  a thin Spanish man took off his brown corduroy khakis, exposing his black and red calvin klein underwear and a shaved navel. He didn’t have an athletic body, more skinny fat, and yet his abs showed just a bit. I was glad he wasn’t that built.

Stefani kept staring between me and the man with the camera and money, a man who refused to give us his name. We had only met 2 hours prior at the Frankie’s Bar and Grill. We were there to see Haley’s Fuckers, a metal band a mutual friend played lead guitar in. Neither of us were expecting the offer nor to be to have them follow us back to our apartment, and yet here we were, waiting for more cash.

“Your girl has some nice tits, man,” the guy said, holding the camera steady on her breasts. He reached over with his fat fingers and pulled her tank top and bra off, causing her breasts to bounce just a little. The movement of them turned me on a bit and I felt myself get hard.

“Your girlfriend has nice titties, man,” he said, “just look at those things.”

Stefani giggled and cupped her breasts with both of her hands. “They’re kinda pointy aren’t they?”

“For sure,” the man said. “Can I just give your nipples a squeeze?”

Before I could interject he reached with his right hand, the one not holding the camera, and pinched her right nipple, causing her to let out another nervous giggle.

“How do you feel about that?” the man said, turning his heads towards me.

“Well, she does seem to kinda be into it,” I said, nervous myself. I didn’t want to admit his hands on her breasts turned me on, despite the fact I wanted to punch him.

“Sometimes Brad likes to bite my nipples,” Stefani said, now staring at me.

“Is that so?” the man asked, a smile cutting across his face.

“Not too hard,” I said, surprised to be opening up so much about my fetishes with her. She did have nice nipples, not too small like the dime ones in your average porno but just big enough to squeeze and not feel ashamed of.

Just then the Spanish man walked out of the bathroom, naked from head to toe, his dick swaying as he walked. He was far from small, his flaccid penis probably six inches, a little narrow but still impressive. I felt weird thinking about him that way, myself a straight dude who had never dreamt of touching another man’s cock. And yet I sat admiring it as he walked to the bed silently. He kneeled on the mattress and placed his hand around Stefani’s neck.

I caught Stefani’s eyes close for a second at the Spaniard’s touch. She kept smiling tho, despite the momentary sigh, and I knew she was into it.

“So what do you think, Juan, can you handle this?” the man asked.

Juan grinned and placed his left hand on her right breast. He rubbed them a little harder than I would, squeezing them as if he was milking them, something that I liked to watch. I liked how her mouth opened a bit as she did this, her eyes starting to roll in the back of her head. She closed them and then smiled again, trying not to enjoy another man’s hands.

“This one’s alright,” Juan said, still milking her breast.

“What do you think?” the man said to Stefani.

“Well, it does feel kinda good. I’m a little nervous with Brad watching tho.”

I crossed my arms as I kept watching. “I’m fine,” I said.

The man laughed his greedy laugh, still filming her as Juan now placed both hands on her breasts, his penis now pressed against her lower back as he sat on the bed kneeling behind her.

“I don’t know,” the man said. “You seem kinda nervous.”

“Nothing to be nervous about,” I said, still looking on defiantly.

“Why don’t you count the money you’re holding. That might calm you down.”

I held the wad of bills in front of me. Stefani’s eyes caught the cash for a moment then quickly darted back to the camera, which she was now staring at. Juan kept on milking, her nipples getting harder. She kept smiling, a nervous smile I had never seen.

“Go on,” the man said, the camera now pointed at me, “start counting.”

I thumbed thru the bills, counting the 100s off in my head. I got to three before the man interjected.

“No, no, no, count out loud. Show her what you’re getting out this.”

I glanced back at her and saw a quick nod. Juan was now kissing her neck.

“I guess I could,” I said. I started counting aloud.

As I did so Stefani leaned her back onto Juan, still milking the breast, his tongue now sliding down the right side of her neck. Her eyes were closed again as her left hand reached behind her, groping for him. Juan grinned and let his right hand fall from her breast and rest on her vagina, which was shaven save for a landing strip that was slightly uneven. She slowly felt the tip of his penis, which was now hard, still pressed against her back and yet now exposed by the arch of her low spine. She turned her head and looked in his eyes, still smiling, while I looked on still counting the bills. There was a thousand dollars in my hand.

“Like the money?” the man asked, his camera still on me.

“Well, it is nice,” I said, still holding the money.

“There could be more coming soon. Can you handle watching?”

“Not a problem,” I continued to lie, not sure if I was even lying anymore.

Stefani was now facing him, her hand rubbing his cock, herself on her knees. Her tongue slipped with his as he continued to feel her vagina, his fingers never penetrating but just rubbing the whole thing. As he rubbed her his index finger slid towards her ass and just slightly brushed against her slightly exposed ass, something I would never have done. I heard a slight moan from Stefani, her tongue against his, her body now grinding against his hand. He never rubbed vigorously, but not gently either.

“Ah, that Juan’s a stud isn’t he?” the man said.

Stefani turned her head to the camera. “Am I allowed to like him?”

I shook my head. “I don’t mind.”

“I like his penis,” she said, still stroking.

“What do you like about his penis?” the man asked.

She smiled again. “I don’t want to say in front of my boyfriend.”

“Ah, he doesn’t mind.” The man turned his head back to me, the camera now on my face. “You don’t mind do you?”

“No, not at all,” I said.

“Go on then, tell the camera why you like it.” The man pointed the camera back on Stefani. “Don’t be shy.”

“It’s kinda big,” she said.

“It’ll get bigger if you put your tongue on it,” Juan said, the grin still cut across his face.

“Can I?” Stefani asked, now looking at me.

“Sure,” I said, my erection hard as a rod.

She scooted back on her knees, her ass fully exposed, as she leaned in to kiss his cock. She held it firm in her hand, no longer stroking, as she pressed her lips against the tip.

“Too romantic,” Juan said. “Just rub your tongue against it.”

Stefani obliged, her tongue now rimming around the head, her hand now lower on the on the shaft. Her mouth looked attractive as it went to work, her breathing slow and rhythmic. Juan let his head back as her tongue continued to lick, her hand now stroking his hard shaft.

“Now she’s starting to get into it,” the man said. “What about you Juan?”

“Starting to feel good,” Juan said.

“Why don’t you take control for a minute. Show her what you can do?”

Juan’s right hand felt her hand on the cock, their hands now together stroking his penis. I could see her grip tighten underneath his Spanish hands, now moving a little more furiously.

“Why don’t you show your move?” the man said.

“Think you can handle it?” Juan asked Stefani.

“I’m trying not to enjoy it,” she said, smiling away.

“Just wait until he really shows you what he can do,” the man said.

“And what’s that?” Stefani asked.

“Nope, gotta wait until the end.”

“Gotta wait until the end,” I said, nodding in agreement, completely flabergasted that I was agreeing. I felt like I was acting and yet I was serious, suddenly aware that my face was exaggerated, almost like a performer on a porn I would find online.

“Watch this,” Juan said, slowly removing his hand from his cock. He grabbed his shaft with his now free right hand, his left hand now pulling on her hair. He tilted her head back.

“Stick out your tongue,” he said, her hair now pulled to its furthest possible position, her face towards the ceiling. She obliged and stuck out her tongue. Juan shifted onto his feet and placed his crotch above her face. He then took his dick and slapped it against her tongue repeatedly, Stefani taking the gentle beating even more obliging.

“Can you do that yourself?” the man asked her.

Stefani remained silent but took the cock in her right hand and repeated the gesture. She slapped his penis against her tongue, her hand gently swaying back and forth. Each time the tip of the penis hit her tongue there was a pop sound, her tongue now wet and his cock now wet.

“This is starting to get good, wouldn’t you say Mike?” the man said. He let out a chubby chuckle, letting his pot belly covered by a Star Wars t-shirt bounce as he did so.

“She does give good head,” I said, my hands starting to sweat.

“She’s alright,” Juan said. He pulled her hair harder and I heard her grunt, not quite sure if she was in pain. I had never been that rough with her.

“How far can you go down on it?” the man asked.

Juan let go of her hair and lay back on the bed, his head now resting against the pillows. As he did so he lifted Stefani’s ass towards the middle of the bed and positioned her head against her crotch.

“It might be too big,” she said, stroking his penis.

“Trust me, it ain’t big enough,” Juan said, following his confidence with a laughter.

“She can handle it,” I said, still staring at her exposed ass.

“I bet she can handle quite a bit Mike,” the man said.

“Does he want me to handle it?” Stefani said, and put her mouth around Juan’s head, slowly closing her lips around the rim. She popped his cock back out of it and let out a gasp, and repeated the gesture.

“That’s a girl,” the man said.

I watched in slow amusement, my eyes wide and my mouth locked in a stern grin. I had never seen her suck another man off, hardly myself at times. And yet her slender face looked strained as she slowly slid her mouth down on his shaft, taking most of him in and letting him all out.

She seemed to hardly be breathing, but rather too focused on trying to get him all in. She went down pretty far, enough to take myself in, but struggled at the base. I worried Juan would force her to push harder, straining her throat, but he eased off and let her do her best. I was impressed by his sudden gentleness, my erection even more so. She had such a slender body, only 5’2”, almost the body of an 18 year old despite the fact she was now 20. She had thick flesh and yet was thick, like that of a child. I often felt embarrassed around her, myself white and chubby, despite the fact she never seemed to mind my own appearance. But she looked hot going down on Juan, himself a little overweight tho he was far more athletic.

Juan let her suck him for a few moments as the man filmed on, himself now quiet and trying to find a better angle than from her behind. The man positioned himself at the side of the bed rather than the end, now focusing in on her strained face, which had become flush and sweaty. Finally she pulled the cock out of her mouth and let out another gasp, her right hand still firm around his shaft.

“How do you like it?” Juan asked.

“It tastes good,” she said, and smiled nervously again.

“How’d you like it, Mike?” the man asked, now pointing the camera back at me.

“She does look good,” I said. “I like the way she licks his head.”

“She does have a nice tongue,” the man said. He zoomed the camera in on her face. “Could you show me that awesome organ,” the man said.

Stefani again obliged, sticking her long tongue out at the camera. She laughed and flicked it in the air then quickly pulled it back into her mouth.

“Aw, that’s a good girl,” the man said. “Mike, why don’t you smack her ass?”

I reached over the edge of the bed and tapped her bare peach skin lightly, just enough for a small tap sound.

“Ah, don’t be so gentle. I bet she can handle a good load.”

I smacked harder, this time a little louder.

“Ah, come on Mike. I just watched her take most of Juan in. Give her something to remember.”

I smacked even hard this time, leaving a red handprint on her pale skin.

“Ow,” she said, her smile quickly disappearing.

“Now we’re doing it,” the man said. “Alright folks, we got her face all hot, now lets see the goods. Stefani, can you spread for the camera and show us your pussy?”

Stefani let go of Juan’s penis as Juan pulled his legs back into his body. Stefani then lay back on the bed, her head dangling off the edge of the mattress as her brown hair fell against my khakis.

“I’m a little nervous,” she said, her eyes now looking up at me.

“It’s okay,” I said. I stroked her hair and felt her strained cheek. I then slid my hand under her head and lifted it up so she could what she was doing. She reached with her right hand between her legs and spread her lips, exposing her pink inner flesh.

“There we go,” the man said. “Now just play a little bit with yourself for the camera.”

I continued to hold her head as she let go of her lips and began circling her index and middle finger around her small clit. Her neck strained as she closed her eyes again. I kept my own gaze on her face, fascinated by how her lips pursed together in delight and anxiety, no doubt because of how shy she was in front of the camera. As I continued to hold her head, Juan positioned himself in front of her and penetrated her, all while she kept rubbing herself. Her lips pressed tighter, her eyes still closed.

In a moment of doubt I caressed her left breast with my right hand, but only for a moment and quickly pulled it back to my side. In the moment of carelessness I realized I had dropped the money on the floor but I wasn’t worried about it at the moment. We had come for the money and yet now I was intent on watching her face writhe in ecstasy, all while Juan went in and out, his own face now straining as he lifted her ass slightly off the bed. As he did so his own side back muscles popped out a bit and I realized I was foolish to think of him overweight. He had a somewhat athletic build, and to be honest, it kind of turned me on.

Juan pumped for a few minutes then pulled on Stefani’s body and twisted her onto her side, now lifting one leg as he continued to penetrate. He went harder, now smacking the front of his v muscle against her own ass, creating a smacking sound as he went. Stefani’s

head still dangled over the bed. As he pounded away I felt Stefani reach with one hand over my pants and feel my own hard on, and in a swift gesture open her eyes and lock them in mine. She looked sad and pleased all at once, and I saw a tear swell in one eye, but the tear was gone after she blinked.

“Are you enjoying?” I asked her.

“Only if you are,” she said.

“I think you look good.”

“Alright folks,” the man said, him now on his knees and filming underneath Juan’s own ass, his camera pointed right on the act of penetration. “Can’t have you guys talking too much or you ruin the shoot. Just need Stefani to moan a bit and we’ll almost be done. Mike, what would you like to see next?”1

I hesitated for a moment, not quite what sure to say despite knowing what I wanted to see.

“Don’t be shy Mike. You’re just as much a star in this as she is.”

“She looks pretty hot when she’s takes it from behind,” I said.

“Are we doing that?” Juan asked.

“Doing what?” Stefani said.

“No no no,” said the man. “Just from behind, not the back door. Unless she really wants to.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” she said, her hand still on my hard on.

“I don’t know,” the man said. “What does Brad think?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” I said.

“Please don’t say that,” Stefani said..

“Ooh this is getting good,” the man said.

“You don’t have to,” I said, my hand now on hers.

“Too bad,” Juan said, “I bet her ass is tight.”

“You ever fuck her in the ass?” the man asked me. He was now laughing hard, his potbelly bouncing even more. I hated him for it and yet kept picturing her from behind in my mind.

“We’ve done it a few times,” Stefani said, interrupting me before I even could say anything. “I’m not comfortable with him going in my ass on camera tho,” Stefani said, her cheeks now full and red.

“I don’t mind,” I said, my hand now pressing her own hand harder against my own cock.

“Please don’t this,” she said, her hand now letting go.

“It’s OK folks,” the man said. “We just need to see her asshole on camera and the tape will sell.”

“I’m ok with that,” I said, my hand now letting go of hers.

“Thank you,” she said. She wiped her hand against her now wet eyes.

Juan pulled Stefani’s ass closer to him on the bed and twisted her onto her knees. He face now faced mine, her smile now gone. Her eyes looked tired, the red in cheeks now burning. Juan entered her slowly, tho there was no moan this time. She merely kept her eyes down as Juan went in and out of her. As he went he grabbed her ass in his right hand, squeezing a fistful of flesh. Stefani merely went with it, her face now relaxed.

“Almost there,” the man with the camera said, still pointing the device on her behind.

“Starting to get close,” Juan said.

“Alright, Juan,” the man said. “Why don’t you show her your special move?”

With a quick motion Juan pulled out of her and grabbed her ass and thrust her on her back, so swift that Stefani let out a grunt. Juan pulled her by her hair and put her face up to his cock with his left hand, his other now jerking furiously on his hard cock. A few minutes passed as Juan kept jerking, his face now intent and serious. He then let out a grunt as a splash white cum shot over Stefani’s head, on to the edge of the bid. Another shot came out, this time with a shorter arch and landed on Stefani’s left eye. Stefani stuck out her tongue as another shot came out and landed in her mouth. Stefani gasped and let the wad of cum sip from her mouth and onto her chin. Juan then took his penis and slapped it against her chin, a few more drops of cum now dripping onto her face. After all the white hate had left him he let go of Stefan’s head and stood up from the bed.

The man with camera panned in on Stefani’s face. “And there you have it folks, the money shot,” the man said. He then turned the camera from Stefani’s face onto Juan, who was now smiling as he wiped his hands on his hips.

“What do you think Juan, was she a good fuck?” the man asked.

“She was alright,” Juan said.

The man with the camera then pointed the lens towards me. “How do you feel, Brad?” he asked.

“It was alright,” I said. “She looked hot.”

Stefani remained quiet as her head remained tilted with cum on her closed eye.

“Guess we outta pay you the final cut then,” the man said. He reached in his right pocket with his free hand and pulled out another folded wad of 100s. He threw it on the bed. “You can count it later. We got all we need for the camera.”

He clicked off the camera, a grin now pinned to his face. His cheeks were fat and his hair was greasy and curled like a Jew fro. As he grinned on Juan went back to the bathroom and got dressed. Stefani remained quiet on the bed, trying to wipe the cum off her eye.

“Better get a towel Brad,” the man said. He kept grinning.

Juan walked out of the bathroom now dressed in black Jnco jeans and a red and black striped t-shirt. He looked calm and relaxed as if the night was nothing.

“Your girl’s good, bro,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said.

The man and Juan slapped hands.

“Another shoot down Juan,” the man said. “This one’s gonna get a lotta hits.” The man turned to me and waved. “I’ll call you when the video is posted. You’ll get all the details then.”

The two then left the apartment.

Stefani got off the bed, the cum still on her eye. I sat there silent, my cock still erect. I could feel pre-cum staining my underwear and wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to get off and yet felt guilt and anger. Stefani was now in the bathroom, her naked silhouette highlighted by the harsh yellow light coming from the overhead light. She grabbed a towel off the rack and wiped her eye.

“I love you,” I said, still sitting in the chair.

“I love you too,” she said while she finished wiping the cum off her eye. She then spit the remaining cum in her mouth in the sink and brushed her teeth.

The wad of 100s remained on the bed, me too afraid to grab it. Stefani walked out of the bathroom, still naked, and picked up the cash.

“What do you think, maybe another thousand in there?” she said.

“Could be. We did good tonight.”

“I did good tonight,” she said, now smiling again. She picked up her pink thong off the floor and slipped it on.

“Wanna get ice cream?” I said, still sitting.

She looked over at me as she snapped on her black bra.

“Sure, why not?” she said, the blood now drained from her cheeks. The strain in her face was gone and she was now relaxed. She leaned over the mattress and kissed me on the cheek. I felt goosebumps rise on my arms.

“Looking a little hard there,” she said, looking at my crotch.

“I’m gonna have to get off,” I said.

“Then I did good?” she asked.

“You were awesome,” I said.

She smiled and pinched my penis. I figured I’d go masterbate in the bathroom and then we’d get out off the apartment and enjoy ourselves. At least that was the plan.


About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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