Month: March 2017

deny your maker

Deny your maker And we shall see For under the sun We exist to please From dust to ash From Christ to Eve Through the halls of anthema Settled beneath the dead leaves Crawls the sin of your father And the will of the free And Though we may fall This realm may well be Advertisements

Movie Pitch: Red’s Story

Red’s Story: Movie Pitch   Idea Title: Red’s Story   Log Line: The early life and prison career of Red, from the film Shawshank Redemption. A prequel of sorts.   Synopsis: The origin story of Red that follows his life as a troubled child all the way to his rise as a inmate at the dreaded Shawshank Prison. Red starts out as a criminal, is institutionalized, and becomes a man who can get you things in prison. The story is told in flashbacks similar to the film The Hurricane and chronicles. While in prison, Red starts out as a scared inmate who gets beat up and tortured and finds solace in a mysterious figure in solitary confinement who teaches Red the way of getting things to hustle in prison. The film ends with Red meeting Andy Dufray from the first film.   Type: Movie   Genre: Crime   2nd Genre: Drama  

Movie Pitch: Da Vinci’s Story

Idea Title: Da Vinci’s Youth   Log Line: The life and travels of early 20s Da Vinci based more on a romantic ideal of what a flourishing artist rather than a historical biopic.   Synopsis: Da Vinci is travelling thru the countryside of Venice, living the life of a vagabond looking for work. Fresh out of an apprenticeship, Da Vinci finds an older countess who allows him to paint her portrait. A romance develops that night, with Da Vinci sleeping with the women only to find out he is in love with her. A doomed romance from the get go, Da Vinci spends the next five years travelling the country and getting hired on with the Pope, only to one day rediscover the woman is now a widow. Da Vinci unfortunately cannot rekindle the romance because he realizes it would violate social laws for an up and coming artist to marry an aristocrat.   Type: Movie   Genre: Historical romance   2nd Genre: Drama

I Never Miss Toledo Until I was Homeless (Part 4)

When I first get to 2100 Lakeside I’m shoved into a cafeteria and fed a shitty dinner that consists of beef steaks, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and of all things goldfish crackers. I enjoy the crackers the most. While eating I strike up a conversation with a guy I saw waiting for my caseworker over at Cosgrove. The man tells me he’s in the same predicament as I am. He’s from Cleveland but has nowhere to go but here. He’s waiting for tomorrow morning to Talk to a guy named Terry. I tell him I’m waiting for the same thing. He assures me everything will be alright. The guy says he’s been here before and explains that once dinner is over we wait for our beds and then are assigned mats. I take his word for it and finish my meal. Outside I bum a smoke off another bum and sit by myself at a picnic table, stressed and anxious, well aware that I could be on the streets at the moment but at least …

Death in a Hotel Room

Death in a Hotel Room “The art of writing is rather easy,” said the writer. “Spit the words out and capture them. The hardest part is knowing when you’ve caught a load of semen or a bag full of shit. Both serve their purpose in the natural order of things. But one must always decide.”