A Chat on Love with Lady Gaga

A Chat on Love with Lady Gaga


So Michael, what do you think about love?


Well, it’s hard to find. But when you find it, don’t let go. Unless it hurts. Then it’s better just to keep it in the mind and hopefully make it a memory.


Can you help me conduct an interview then?


Sure. What do you want me to do?


Teach me what to ask.


Well, what’s your goal with this article.


I just want to talk to you.


That is lovely.


That is not how you answer a question.


But it wasn’t a question.


So I should ask you questions, huh?




Where did you learn to write poetry?


I just read a lot of poems in high school, and elementary, and college. I used to read quite a bit. Where did you learn to write music?


I learned by myself at younger age, then was taught by a man who knew how to write pop songs.


Ah. So you learned to write poetry thru a mentor. I could use one of those.


Would you want me to be one for you?




Well, doo doo.




Doo doo.




Doo doo.




Just make a rhyme with doo doo.


Boo boo.


You’re starting to get it!


I don’t get it tho!


This isn’t a play.


It’s starting to feel like one!


Please, let this be an interview.


Then ask me a question.


Do you love me?




Can you elaborate on that answer?




Then I have to ask you why?


You have a fun sense of humor. And you have a lovely face.


Then can you handle telling the world we are boyfriend and girlfriend?


I already have on Facebook.


Can you handle me slowly telling people about our relationship then?


I suppose I can.


Then can you tell me why you want to fall in love with me?


I can’t because I already am.


Then why did you fall in love with me?


Because you have a fun sense of humor and a lovely face.


And my career had nothing to do with it, huh?


The music is good. You have a good ear. Why do you love me?


I have never met a person who can do all those things you do and still have so much fun.


Thank you. I guess that is a good reason.


Then can we please share this interview with people so they can finally hear our thoughts?


I don’t see why not.


Do you want to talk about poetry then?


Sure. What genre of poetry do you like?


Shitty poetry.


Ah, a woman of my heart. Who’s your favorite shitty poet?


His name is Michael.


Hm. And what is his last name?


It starts with an M.


And what does it rhyme with?


Sad men.


Ah. Then it is me!


Yes it is.


Do you want to know who my favorite singer is?




I’m talking to her right now.


And let me guess, she is a lady?


Not a girl.


And what do you like about my music?


Well, it’s kind of addicting.


Why is that?


Well, it’s fun and ironic. And now it’s getting more sincere. And it’s catchy. And you have a good voice.


Can you handle dating your favorite artist then?


Yes and no. Now I don’t want to listen to your music or write about it. But I do like these conversations we get to publish tho.


We need to get part 4 out soon.


How would you recommend I write it?


I would like a scholarly article on that one.


That might take some time. But I could do it.


And if I can’t read it.


I’ll help you.


Thank you.


You’re welcome!


I guess this ends our conversation on love then.


But did the audience get what we were trying to do?


We were trying to display love thru a conversation.


And did it come across?


Do you feel it?


Well, love can’t be felt all the time. And yet devotion can.


Then why do we say we love each other?


Because that phrase is a symbol of our devotion. It’s just a figure of speech.


Then I love you.


And I love you too.



About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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  1. Just found this one, love it! 🙂 What a little gem.

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  2. Thanks for reading!

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