Lady Gaga Part 3: Our Queen Has Arrived

So Lady Gaga, how does it feel to finally be a part of this neverending series articles devoted to your career?

L. G: I think you got part of my career wrong.


Oh geez. I feel like a fool. Please explain.


The Fame is not about me trying to hide my emotions. They’re all on display for the world to see.


Fair enough. The back end of that album is pretty genuine. But I am curious then why you wrote a song about having a poker face. Isn’t a poker face meant to hide something?


People who play poker are trying to win a game. I was trying to win a game in sex not love.


Not to be too confrontational then, but why does the refrain say “She’s gonna love nobody”? It’s almost as if a narrator is trying to reinforce the notion that she isn’t going to fall in love.


When I want to sleep with someone I usually am capable of falling in love with them.


Ah. So then you’re not trying to hide your own feelings?


Of course not. I never would.


Hm. I might have to go back and check out what I wrote. I could be reaching, tho for the moment I will stand by what I wrote. But enough of that. This is part 3, not part 2. And we have my favorite album of yours to get to–The Fame Monster. How do you feel about this one? Where does it fall in your own personal estimation of it in terms of how it fits in your oeuvre?


I still want to talk about your wrong estimation of what that song is about.


Okay. Then what is the song about? I would love to hear it in your own words.


It’s about trying to fool a guy into thinking I’m not going to love him even if I sleep with him. That’s why the narrator is speaking to the guy, not me.


I think you have the songs confused. i was referring to Love Game when I wrote you were writing to yourself.


Let’s end the conversation here then.


To be continued………


I do have to ask, for an intellectual’s sake then, what is the point of the artificiality of the music? Specifically the use of euro pop as a genre for music that on its appearance is all style and no substance. How can you defend your music as an intellectual endeavor as I would?


I never think of my music that deeply. I like to see it as all style and no substance.


You must be a fan of Kubrick then.


How did you know?


Just a wild hunch. You also reference him on a song on the Fame Monster.  He was big on style and was usually misunderstood by a few clueless audience members and critics. I would argue that is the case with your early music tho that is my interpretation as a critic and not from an artist’s perspective.


Thank you.


I do like that you express that your music is all about style tho, because that is what honestly hooks me in with the first listen. How do you feel about listening to music for feelings and expression as opposed to intellectual stimulation? Do you see feeling and expression as an extension of style as I seem to see them as?


I am appreciative that you see my music for more than just style. I like to think about music a lot, just not my own. But yes, sometimes I just want to feel something when I listen to a song.


Then I think it is important that artists, especially female artists working in the pop genre, have a chance to defend that position because in my own view there are a lot of asshole male critics, usually white, who will say pop music that is all substance is junk and not worthy of any artistic merit. How would you respond to a critic that asserts your music is junk, if I may ask this question?


.Art can be whatever it has to be.


Ah, just like a true popist would say. Art and pop do belong together, even if that is for a different article.


That’s a good one.


Thank you. So, the Fame Monster. Like I said, it’s my favorite of yours, tho I disagree that it should be considered an EP. In my mind, 8 tracks, especially 8 quality tracks, should be considered a full length album. Was that your choice to call it an EP or was that mandated by a studio?


It was a mutual decision.


Ha. Safe answer. Still tho, you gotta admit, it’s a little on the long side. And you know there have been other albums that were only 8 tracks that are considered full length albums. Wham’s [album title] comes to mind.


It was done as a marketing ploy to get more sales.


Hm. That’s interesting, especially to a guy who has no inside knowledge of the music industry at all. Honestly, I’m just a fan lucky enough to have this dialog with you.


It’s okay. It’s common knowledge. And yes, I do appreciate my fans enough to have this interview. Can I ask you a few question now?




[tables turn, now Gaga is the interviewer]


.Mike, why did you say you are a fan when you know we’re friends?


Well, even despite the fact that I kinda know you a little bit, just a little, I still feel like a fan at times. Which I would argue is a good thing. Altho it is tough to listen to your music when I am in contact with you on friendly terms.


Then why do critics dismiss my fans as obsessive compulsive about my work?


Well, I used to be a little obsessive compulsive about your work, so i would argue they’re not entirely in the wrong. But I think we fans are this way because we know your work is more than just an average pop star, which is what a lot of early critics were saying about your music. I would say we have good ears and know the real deal when we hear it. And we’re gay. You’re kinda like a modern Barbara Streisand for our community.


Thank you. She is a lovely person. I’ve met her a few times. You even told me I should model my career after hers. Which was good advice by the way.


Thank you. I think you are starting to follow her career path a bit. That Golden Globe surely gave you some credence to your naysayers. But you know what, I honestly have never seen you act besides one small role in a Robert Rodriguez film. I’m kinda of a terrible fan at this point.


Then maybe you should watch my show.


Well, then i’d have to start with season one, and you’re a little farther in to the show. But you know what, I have watched a couple of season one episodes with my brother. In 3 years time I could catch up to that season of yours. And then we could really talk about that award you won. Honestly, I would like to keep this conversation about your music, and especially your third album, er EP.


What do you want to know?


Wait, who’s asking who now?


[roles reverse, Mike is italics now]


So Gaga, excuse me, can I call you that?


You can call me whatever you want.


Ok Mrs. Streisand.


Please just stick to calling me Gaga.


Haha. Just testing the waters a bit. I’m new to this whole interviewing thing. How do you feel about this album? Where does it rank in your own discography?


It’s my third favorite, right behind Joanne and The Fame.


Hm. Those are good ones. Honestly, they’re all good ones in my book. Even the one that got mixed reviews. But really, this one is my favorite. I think it has your best pop song, your most personal song, and your most meaningful song, and a cool ending. It’s short and sweet and to the point, and yet captivating. I’m a little hung up on the title tho. Could you help clarify what exactly you meant by that title. If you want, I could give my own analysis first and then you could offer your own explanation.


Could I go first?




.I think this one is so obvious I don’t even have to state what it’s about.


Hm. I feel I should mansplain you right now.


That would be mean.


I’m sorry. You’re too nice of a person to be such a jerk too. And honestly, I just want to gush on and on about this album. It is pretty good. What’s your favorite cut on the album?




Ah. That’s a good one. I used to argue that that was your most personal song, even tho they say you don’t write personal songs. Tho I’m not so sure. I might have to listen to that new album again.


And what is your favorite song?


[roles reverse, Gaga is now italics]


Well, my favorite song used to be “Speechless” because duh. But now, I would say “Dance in the Dark”. I really like the message behind that one.


And what is that message?


Well, some women are afraid to be seen naked in front of men. But I think it goes further. I think it means they’re afraid to reveal their true inner selves to that man as well. But that’s just my opinion.


And if you’re right.


Well. Then we agree correct?


I’d argue you got that from an interview from me, huh?


Maybe. At the least the first part.


Can I answer a question now.




[roles reverse, italics now Mike]


So Gaga. I really like the double sided cover as well. That really illuminates the horror and artificiality that is fame. Am I correct on that estimation?


You could be. But I just like the images at this point.


Ah. So you’re are all about feeling then huh?


I just like how they look.


I really like the blonde wig and vinyl outfit. That was vinyl right?


It was a soft plastic.


I could make an analysis about how the plastic material is representation of the plasticity of your sound at that point, and yet that would be wrong. That album isn’t plastic.


Thank you. I wish more white male critics would see your point of view.


As would I. Well Gaga. This was fun. And honestly, I could probably go on for hours about this one. But I would bore you to death with obvious interpretations. I think we should end this here.


It was a pleasure doing this with you.


Same here. I hope we can do this again sometime.


Bye bye.



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