Modern Legacy (A doomed screenplay)

Written with Donna Neuman


Ext. A field – Day

A Native American is by himself. We see his eyes.

Ext. Modern Exchange – Day

ME report News –

Anchor Person – with small box to the side of the police on the pulled up at (TME) the Anchor transitions from one story to what going on.

Well a local teen hang out in Southgate Michigan call the Modern Exchange has been shut down again. This place well known as a hang- out for young teens has a somewhat debuses reputation over the years has been shut down and some people feel  for the final time.  

Our own Sam Duncan is live at that location –we switch to the Sean of the comes and then move over to the report at the Sean to get him in the shot.

Anchor – Well Sam can you tell us what going on and what cause this latest problem at this troubled teen spot.

Flip over to Sam in full screen now across the street from TME

Sam – Yes Robert at this point there is no real word as why this downriver hot spot has been shut down but as you mention this place has been riddled with so many completes of fights, load music at even past vandalism.

(Show clips from YouTube) of other things raids and the fights outside. With the voice over of Sam.

There have been countless complaints on this location from the surrounding naborhood for load noise to vandalism the complaints its’ endless

We pull back to Sam with a bunch of paper in his hand as you can see we have pulled records of the going on around here.

(Now we see kids hanging out behind him waving a smiling)

Sam –  We have the owner of TME let’s see what he has to about what happen. Mr. Douglass can you tell me what happened tonight.

Douglass – (in a loud voice) I just want to say this place is a good place for young people to hang out we don’t server any alcohol nor do we let that happen her.   For some reason we were called out by the people in the naborhood fell it’s necessary to harass us.  It’s a place for the young to have free expression.

Sam- They said that it’s out of control and you are never her to keep an eye on what is happening it’s a free for all every night all night.

Douglass – (in a loud voice) I am here most every night but you know I can’t be here all the time. (My son he pulls in a younger man all done up in tattoos on his hands and his neck) he points him out the camera goes over to him. We see him look dissolved and seems to be talking to someone that is not there. “Son hay- come on over here” it takes him a bit to respond he walks over to them says nothing just stands beside his Dad looking off to the side like someone’s there.

“Yes my Son here is very responsible and handles all the events her for me and there is nothing going on is not in our contract we don’t allow alcohol we don’t let anyone beyond the first block  heck I even paid for the city no-parking signs all that and they still came after me.  (while he talking his son has back away from the camera we can see that there is something wrong with him something bad don’t know what he retunes to talking to someone beside him he is acting like a junky).  Both his Dad and Sam do not notice this they continue talking.

Sam – With so many the accusations on your business what do you plan to do.

Douglass – I plan to fight it I have gone round and round with this area the city to naborhood they don’t like free expression well they can’t keep us down I promises you that.

As Sam takes the mike away from Mr. Douglass you see two young teen males helping the owner son out .

Now the mike is in front of Sam – we wish you the best of luck

This is Sam Duncan of ABC Detroit news here in Southgate reporting fade  to black  

We see Donna coming out of a large building people around are loading up camera equipment Donna is talking and waving goodbye as she loads up her car and backs-up and pulls out  The we go to the POV of Donna Driving listing to music .

Int. Donna’s Car – Day

DONNA, mid-50s, is getting off the expressway onto Dix-Toledo road.

As she pulls up to a light she hits the command key on the starring wheel the car jumps in and says “please say a command” Donna Says call Robert Leeshock” the computer voice says “calling Robert Leeshock a tone sounds and we here the phone start ringing over the speakers. ROBERT answers on the other line.

Robert: Hello.

Donna: what you up to sexy? How is my newest LA transplant?

Robert: Doing fine doing fine still have gotten use to the three hour difference what you up to?

Donna: what am I always doing when I call you? (laughs) I just got done with a bitch of a shoot in Dearborn you know one of those doc-u- drams POS I should know better.

Robert Oh really sounds fun (with a pun of no really in his voice)

Donna: You know me, got to keep the money coming in for the big projects we are working on always hustling. Speaking of projects

Robert: I know I know “Were the hell is the “script”.

Donna: Just call me a bitch but I am not in love with what Robs is bringing to the table it’s not reading well? The investors are looking for something more market friendly something more sellable. Rob is a bit heady and wordy and I get it but most people are going to be looking for the exits after the first 20 min

Robert: I know but he seems to want to keep all the crap in and they want us to pop for half matching and they pick the Director. You know Rob was thinking we were going to tap him for that job.

Donna: Not with 2 mill on the line they are not going to do that. Rob better understand that

Robert: He is good writer but …….

Donna: I know I know same shit different day why don’t you and Scott stage a intervention and pull it out of his cold dead hands and to a quick re-write..

Robert: I can always count on you to brighten my day

Donna: So when are you coming down to see me?

Robert: Just as soon as I get rob into shape I will get a flight in.

Donna: That’s what I like to hear.

Donna drives past the Modern Exchange, and notices a FOR SALE sign.

Donna: Hold on, honey. I just saw something.

Donna turns down a side street goes back up pulling into the parking lot drives around the building “she say out loud as she drives around wow this place is huge.

Robert: what are you talking about?

Donna: You remember how I was telling you about finding a building so we can do movies and work with the arts in my area well I think I found it.

Robert: Yeah I kind of remember you saying something about once or twice or 20 or 30 times. (Lafing)

Donna: Shut the fuck up guess what there is a for sale sign on it. It looks like it has a shop in the front with a lot of space in the back it even has a loading bay in the back.

Robert: What are you going to do with that?  Be the mogul for Detroit

Donna: Why do you have to be so negative? I want to help others you know it’s not all about the money?

Robert: I know but in this would if money at a part of it you know it’s going to fail. .

Donna: Horeshit. You’re trying to bring my dream down.

Robert: (laughs) There’s nothing that can bring you down or stop you .

Donna: You’ve never met my ex-husband.

She pulls around the block and into the driveway.

Donna: You gotta see this place. There’s a store in the front but there’s a huge building attached to it. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. Look can I call you back, I’m going to call the realtor. I talk to you later, honey.

Robert: No problem talk to you later.

There’s a CLICK on the line. Donna dials the sales number on her phone. RINGING. A REAL ESTATE AGENT answers the line.

Real Estate Agent: Thank you for calling Moodman Realtors. How can I help you?

Donna: Yes, I am calling about the commercial property I think the address is 12219 Dix that’s up for sale/

Real Estate Agent: Hold on let me pull that up for you.

Donna eyes the sign.

Real Estate Agent: Oh yes the store in front and stage venue in the back. .

Donna:  You say there is a stage in back is there any way I can take a look at it today.

Real Estate Agent: Tell you what, I can be there in 25 minutes.

Donna: That’d be great.  (Looking across the street there is a Dinner) Ok cool I will wait at the Dinner just call me when you get here.

Int. Olympic Diner

Donna is eating soup. She looks out through the window and sees the real estate agent pull into the parking lot of the Modern Exchange.

Ext. Dix-Toledo Rd.

Donna crosses the street.

Ext. Modern Exchange

Donna walks up MRS. GLADSTONE, who is standing outside the door.

Donna: Hi. You must be the real estate agent.

Mrs. Gladstone: The name’s Becky Gladstone. You must be Donna.

Donna: That’d be me. Great day to look at a building.

Mrs. Gladstone: Beautiful day. Shall we take a look.

Int. Modern Exchange – Continuous

The door opens. Donna and Mrs. Gladstone walk in.

Mrs. Gladstone: So what made you interested in the building.

Donna: Well, I work in the film business, but I’ve been looking to for a shop where I can give back to the community. Create a nice space for the area.

Mrs. Gladstone: I think you’ve come to the right place. You know I normally don’t sell commercial buildings. My specialty is in residential. But I was the only one familiar with the area.

Donna: What can you tell me about the place?

Mrs. Gladstone: Well, it’s only been on the market for a few weeks. It’s X square feet. The roof isn’t in the best condition, but nothing you need to worry about right away. There’s a stage in the back.

Donna: Is that what that large building is back there. You know I’m looking to do community theater. That would be perfect.

Mrs. Gladstone: My, this place sounds perfect for you.

Donna: So what’s the deal then? Why’s it up for sale?

Mrs. Gladstone: Terrible owners. The owner used to use the back for a local hangout for teens. But things started getting rowdy. There were underage drinking. And some weird rituals.

Donna: Rituals.

Mrs. Gladstone: Oh nothing. Just kids being kids. You know how they are these days. Do you have any kids yourself.

Donna: Can’t have them. Too busy anyway. [I’m not sure how personal you wanted to make this Donna, but I was going off the character sheet you gave me] Between taking photographs for the city, trying to get films made, and running an IT business, I just don’t have time.

Mrs. Gladstone: Your sure do a lot.

Donna: Gotta stay busy.

They walk around the front of the store, Donna checking out the business. As they do, Donna looks at a shelf and is startled by a cat that jumps out at her.

Donna: Jesus!

Mrs. Gladstone: (turns around) Are you alright?

Donna: There’s a cat in here.

Mrs. Gladstone: Oh dear. Must have been the owners. (Picks up cat) Did it just get cold all of the sudden.

Donna: I feel fine.

Mrs. Gladstone: Maybe it’s just me, but I’m freezing. And this cat, what are we going to do with you. Well, what do you think of the place.

Donna: I like it. The place is got a vibe to it.

Mrs. Gladstone: And it’s not haunted. Scout’s honor..

Donna: Don’t mention demons. That shit freaks me out.

Mrs. Gladstone: It’s a good thing you weren’t hear when they were doing the rituals then. I get scared myself coming here. But I’m just superstitious.

Donna: Yeah, well, I don’t intend to have any ritual go on here. What are you asking for it?

Mrs. Gladstone: 150. But we can negotiate in my office.

Donna: That’s not a bad price. This just might be the place.

Mrs. Gladstone: Glad to hear that. Let’s go out and chat and we can discuss your options.

They exit through the front door and lock it. The camera remains in the room, fixed on the door.


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