ML Report News (Sample screenplay)

ME report News –


Anchor Person – with small box to the side of the police on the pulled up at (TME) the Anchor transitions from one story to what going on.

Well a local teen hang out in Southgate Michigan call the Modern Exchange has been shut down again. This place well known as a hang- out for young teens has a somewhat debuses reputation over the years has been shut down and some people feel  for the final time.  

Our own Sam Duncan is live at that location –we switch to the Sean of the comes and then move over to the report at the Sean to get him in the shot.

Anchor – Well Sam can you tell us what going on and what cause this latest problem at this troubled teen spot.

Flip over to Sam in full screen now across the street from TME

Sam – Yes Robert at this point there is no real word as why this downriver hot spot has been shut down but as you mention this place has been riddled with so many completes of fights, load music at even past vandalism.

(Show clips from YouTube) of other things raids and the fights outside. With the voice over of Sam.

There have been countless complaints on this location from the surrounding naborhood for load noise to vandalism the complaints its’ endless

We pull back to Sam with a bunch of paper in his hand as you can see we have pulled records of the going on around here.

(Now we see kids hanging out behind him waving a smiling)

Sam –  We have the owner of TME let’s see what he has to about what happen. Mr. Douglass can you tell me what happened tonight.

Douglass – (in a loud voice) I just want to say this place is a good place for young people to hang out we don’t server any alcohol nor do we let that happen her.   For some reason we were called out by the people in the naborhood fell it’s necessary to harass us.  It’s a place for the young to have free expression.

Sam- They said that it’s out of control and you are never her to keep an eye on what is happening it’s a free for all every night all night.

Douglass – (in a loud voice) I am here most every night but you know I can’t be here all the time. (My son he pulls in a younger man all done up in tattoos on his hands and his neck) he points him out the camera goes over to him. We see him look dissolved and seems to be talking to someone that is not there. “Son hay- come on over here” it takes him a bit to respond he walks over to them says nothing just stands beside his Dad looking off to the side like someone’s there.

“Yes my Son here is very responsible and handles all the events her for me and there is nothing going on is not in our contract we don’t allow alcohol we don’t let anyone beyond the first block  heck I even paid for the city no-parking signs all that and they still came after me.  (while he talking his son has back away from the camera we can see that there is something wrong with him something bad don’t know what he retunes to talking to someone beside him he is acting like a junky).  Both his Dad and Sam do not notice this they continue talking.

Sam – With so many the accusations on your business what do you plan to do.

Douglass – I plan to fight it I have gone round and round with this area the city to neighborhood they don’t like free expression well they can’t keep us down I promises you that.

As Sam takes the mic away from Mr. Douglass you see two young teen males helping the owner son out .

Now the mic is in front of Sam – we wish you the best of luck.

Sam: This is Sam Duncan of ABC Detroit news here in Southgate reporting fade  to black  


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