Logan (Film Trailer, 2017)


This is the X-Men right? The supposed punching bag of all the superhero franchises, owned and despised by Fox?


Get real…


For once a superhero film seems to really be going for something beyond the mainstream Marvel template and reaching for poetic magnitude. It’s a common trailer by now; just a series of clips from the film set to a slow tuned cover song sung by a women, and yet the trope is pretty damn powerful.  


What’s especially emotive about this trailer is the ending, with the camera centering on a little girl holding Wolverine’s arm in symbol of strength and love, a paradox that nicely sums up the whole arc of many people’s favorite superhero.


I’m want to delve into snark with this trailer review and yet I can’t bring myself to poke fun at a trailer at least trying to showcase a superhero film that seems to be about more than the beat em up and defeat bad guy stereotype. This trailer is really pushing Logan as the older man angle, a new twist on a genre begging for a new twist.

It’s also pleasant to see Patrick Stewart back at the reins, once again flexing his muscles in a thankless role for a thankless franchise, nevermind that I am a fan of the whole series.


And honestly, I’m intrigued by this one. I have no idea what the hell it’s about other than Logan as an old man, and truly I don’t want to know more. I like the images, especially of the girl swinging around a guy’s neck, and I like the mystery that the trailer presents. It’s all new and fresh, and hopefully the film doesn’t disappoint.



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