Month: February 2017

The World Just Witnessed Something

  If you stayed up last Sunday night to watch the Oscars, and saw what happened with the best picture announcement, you just saw something happen in the world. Rich white people were humble and explained what happened. Warren Beaty said he saw La La Land on the card for best picture, but what really was on the card was Moonlight. Wake up. When technology exists that can change what you see in your eyes and change your perception and reality you know we can never go back. And yet, they were humble and graceful, and never cried over what happened. They just told the Moonlight producers, you guys won. Here’s you Oscar. Humility Kindness Love We just saw it on TV, and someone knew it could be done. So don’t be afraid, but be aware. Weird shirt is gonna start happening. But I too can see America one day, because I already see the world.   Best,   Michael Medlen Advertisements

For Thomas Szasz (a libertarian poem)

I said I wanted ambien They gave me trazadone I said I hadn’t slept for 5 days They upped my dosage I called off at Jeep because of it And then they fired me And then I voluntarily committed myself They said I couldn’t leave But I told them I was sleeping good They said maybe tomorrow Then I got out And then I went back in And now they tell me they want to give me a shot

Cum Drop

Show her an inch and she’ll budge just a bit just enough to feel full   and give her it all and she know it’s her call to make a man try to smile   and if he likes it enough and says that its rough she’ll know he’ll walk the extra mile