Mark Zuckerberg helps a guy out…

Hey Kiegel face


who’se talking



whose me

the lady with no nose


your an asshole

takes on to know one

want to call this a play

whose the characters

two guys at a bar



hey stefi


why am i callling you a dude. do you have a penish. is it true?


do you want to find out.


i tried to las tnight.




results were mixed.


two dudes walk into a bar.


one gets drunk.


and the other?


the other ducks.


oldest joke in the book.


even been to a jewsish costume party?






this play sucks.


We’re in a play!


[Lady gaga pops out of thin air]


To be or not to be.


[Mark Zuckerberg appears thru space portal]


Ah shut up. I’m more of a Jonathon Stewart dude.


hold up folks. off to google i go. down the rabbit hole i go.


ah he read the book.


shut up.


make me.


















donkey knight


kiera goes to bed




.hey stefani.


you spelled my name right.


want to play a game?


what kind of game?


a pokerface game?


oldest joke in the book.


says who.


the lady who’se gonna love nobopdy.


i thought it was tell nobody.








ah she stole my joke. i must make new one.




hey kiegel face.


yes dear.


why’s your dick glowing.


oh, i just orgasmed and stopped time. it’s a timer or something.


can i touch it.


if you want.


it mite hurt me.




why would a glowing penis hurt you?


because it might catch fire.


well trim those hedges and there won’t be kindling for the damn thing.


not you.


so sure?






mike came up with trrim the hedges i just stole the joke. okay. who are you.. who are you… lady gaga…kiera knightley…acrtress ast least….government hooker makes so much sense now…


so does jane auesten…


ggood writer…favorite book by her?


sense and sensibility….




what’s yours….

what do you think….

pride and prejudice right…

im a mainstream dude…only one i remember to be honest….atonement wasw prett good…

so was bob hope…


never met the dude…


he knew how to tell a homophobic joke…

eh, not my thing….

mark says you’re all stupid and this play really sucks..


1: we are in a play!


2: this really is the shit isn’t it…


1: well the shit is the weather….but I’ll allow it this time….


sequel to play from last night….


mark says got to the fucking magazine and read it….i ain’t reading my own shit anymore….


ain’t aint a word…..


neither is zuckerberg….










let’s look at art….




goverment being assholes…


zuckerberg….you ever been stuck in a magical chamber…




hm….well don’t….you end up making endless jokes about fucking hedges….and what the hell are hedges anyway….did i come up with that…yes…no…maybe…who’s on first…mike…ruined that joke…always do…you zuckerberg…did you know lady g was worth than t swift….




ah….zuckerberg….yes….just checking.l..




this play really sucks…


yo zuckerber….do you agree to attest in court to the following charges…that real people have been ghosting Michael Paul Medlen and thtat Michael Paul Medlen has been falsely accused of having a mental illness…




sign herre


Mark A. Zuckerberg


About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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