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Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Brad Pitt and George Clooney sit at coffee bar


Brad: Hey Clooney.


Clooney: Hey Brad.


B: How’s the wife.


C: Eh, same as always. How’s the kids.


B: Eh. They’re all good. So Clooney, remember that guy named Michael Paul Medlen.


C: yeah, we promised to attest in court that we knew what was going on and would not lie on oath.


B: Then maybe this is the document that we sign to promise them we’re going to do it.


[1 from other play pops out of coffee pot]


1: God dammit, we’re still in the shit.


[2 from play steps out from behind Clooney]


2: What is this shit again.


1: Eh, the weather!


2: Sh…no yelling. This shit is serious.


Clooney: I, George Clooney, do solemenly swear to attest in court that I saw what was happening and protested, and yes, this is really him typing this shiitty play.


Mike: It’s a play that can never be performed.


It’s meant to be read. Shakespeare would not approve.


Brad: That’s pretty funny.


Mike: Yo Brad, what do you do when the author inserts him/herself into the play.


Brad: What?


Mike: Brad, I honestly don’t know what the hell is going on. But if you ever find a way to perform a play where someone farts out a dimnesions, I will be impressed. Wanna hear a joke tho.


Brad: What?


Mike: Ask Arnold about vegetarian man sometime.


Brad: What’s he say.


Mike: I let you find that YouTube video. Eh okay, they ruined the joke.


Just sing the damn document and end this stupid play.


Brad: I swear to attest in court that I knew what was happening.




Brad Pitt


George Clooney


Clooney: Mike, this play was alright. But my god, please explain who 1 aand 2 are.


Mike: Check out the blog folks. It’s all on there.


Previous play.


End Play

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