I’m almost finished with Buffy

Ah, so after a 2 month hiatus I’m finally inching towards the finale of my love/hate TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, home to my teenager dreams that were squashed by my penis and skinny 16 year old blonde girl. Don’t ask.

Kinda sums up my feelings right now.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.21

The beauty of this season is how smatlzy it’s all become. The drama’s been turned up to 11, the humor more meta and kooky, and finally the writers (possibly the women on the team, see the writer of 7.20) seem to have shaken loose from the fucking emoness of season 6. Not that it was bad, but just damn depressing.

Buffy seems to have gotten over her breakup with Riley while making amends with her fondness for the ever badboy Spike by shairing a bed with him without sharing a bed with him if you catch my drift. And now in this episode she has found her hero’s journey (ala a meta in-joke and parallel to King Arthur’s quest for the sword in the stone) by going on a quest and in a reverse of the traditional narrative rejected the call to arms by expressing doubt about returning to lead the would be slayers in their quest to defeat the season’s shapeshifting big bad.


My heart is ajoy. Andrew seems to be showing his straight side by flirting with Anya (he even calls her the perfect women after her nerd adeptness of recognizing a scene from Jaws!) while searching for supplies in an abodoned warehouse (maybe it was a store, my memory gets fuzzy sometimes).

And did I mention the schmaltz??? Xander has a cheeky yet heartfelt dialogue with Buffy in which Buffy maybe halfassedly admits Xander has been her rock thru all their struggles as a team, only to be mirrored by her heartfelt bonding with Spike in which Spike admits their night of holding each other was the best night of his life. Give me a cold shower, he’s a hot one.

Yeah yeah, there was the usual fight along the way, this time Buffy getting into it with the annoying preacher dude who has now joined forces with the big bad. And of course Buffy defeats him, but not without a surprise from…well…if you can’t guess then you just need to click off this blog and watch the damn show.

And that’s pretty much it for this episode. Kinda disappointed I never got to watch this show when it originally aired, yes the struggle of my life of always being a little too late to the scene.

I think my new quest has begun from this show, which is that I shall find my own sword in the stone, that being a TV show that everyone seems to watch while it airs. Maybe one day.

(photo credit: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/news/a812595/sarah-michelle-gellar-buffy-knowledge-is-seriously-lacking/)

Until then kids, this has been Mike, better known as Panda, falling in love with his favorite “it nerd girl”. Just don’t tell Willow I was referring to Buffy.






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