Month: January 2017

Jenny Rushes

  Jenny rushes Slams the screen door Yeah it’s your invitation And I’m settling the score I wanna bend her over And spread her to the floor But the shoestring salesman Caught me naked on her front porch Now I’m wide eyed fludder I’m water running down your gutter   Shutter fear and lover’s hair Shutter fear and lover’s hair   I wanna give you something So hard when you keep on runnin’ So why don’t you come on over   Jenny rushes And I’m on the floor Puking up last night’s dinner I made for my perfect whore Don’t cry it’s only love Sneezing from her perfect dust Jenny why can’t you see I am your tragedy Without Hanzel and Gretel There would be no moral to this story   Shutter fear and lover’s hair Shutter fear and lover’s hair   I wanna give you something So hard when you keep on runnin’ So why don’t you come on over Advertisements

To the Lady in My Head (viii)

madness is what I am and sorrow is what you bring but damn when you bring you bring it well   and i did sleep well last night and appreciated the advice tho sleeping pills were nice they definitely left an after shock   so now that we know each other it’s time that we met and I will go to the end of the Earth just to say we felt something   (and yes I love you)

Falling Awake

  Falling awake Falling awake my dear What a mistake Yeah it seems to be a dream So I’ll do what it takes (Do what it takes) Oh Yeah what it takes To Slip thru the seams And fall back asleep to my dreams What a mistake What it seems What is seems to me my dear Falling awake Falling awake my dear My dear falling awake Falling awake  

Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Brad Pitt and George Clooney sit at coffee bar   Brad: Hey Clooney.   Clooney: Hey Brad.   B: How’s the wife.   C: Eh, same as always. How’s the kids.   B: Eh. They’re all good. So Clooney, remember that guy named Michael Paul Medlen.   C: yeah, we promised to attest in court that we knew what was going on and would not lie on oath.   B: Then maybe this is the document that we sign to promise them we’re going to do it.   [1 from other play pops out of coffee pot]   1: God dammit, we’re still in the shit.   [2 from play steps out from behind Clooney]   2: What is this shit again.   1: Eh, the weather!   2: Sh…no yelling. This shit is serious.   Clooney: I, George Clooney, do solemenly swear to attest in court that I saw what was happening and protested, and yes, this is really him typing this shiitty play.   Mike: It’s a play that can never be performed. …

Mark Zuckerberg helps a guy out…

Hey Kiegel face   who’se talking   me whose me the lady with no nose madonna your an asshole takes on to know one want to call this a play whose the characters two guys at a bar alrite   hey stefi what why am i callling you a dude. do you have a penish. is it true?   do you want to find out.   i tried to las tnight.   and.   results were mixed.   two dudes walk into a bar.   one gets drunk.   and the other?   the other ducks.   oldest joke in the book.   even been to a jewsish costume party?   no.   oh.   this play sucks.   We’re in a play!   [Lady gaga pops out of thin air]   To be or not to be.   [Mark Zuckerberg appears thru space portal]   Ah shut up. I’m more of a Jonathon Stewart dude.   hold up folks. off to google i go. down the rabbit hole i go.   ah he read …