Month: December 2016

A Saturday Night Chasing Away the Sunlight

I took her for a ride through the dark quiet, As the red lights blurred in the rearview, And wasn’t long before a popo flashed his bright light; Now 98 bucks short and a hole burned in my pocket, Plus a warrant for my arrest for no proof of insurance.   Made an appearance at the party and played a game of flip cup, Then took her to the bedroom where I pulled out too soon. She didn’t believe that I could kiss and tell, But the friend in the bed was pleased to know.     We woke up with beer on our breath and shirts, And a headache to remind us of our deed. And so I left her there, There blanketed in the morning cum.   And as for the girl, I… I shall never know. Advertisements

To the Lady in My Head (i)

If I kept her in my head forever, Would she even be real? Only if a dream can become reality, A vision undisturbed by obstacles. If that is the mark of a mad man, Then strike me as crazy. It’s a fool’s game to wish for miracles, And a blindman’s to wait for coincidences, But in this head It is only the mental distortion That prevents belief. Were I sane I’d run from your echo And hide from your song, But belief is the only thing That I can cling to, And if other’s words offend me, Only you can redeem This worthless character In a dime store narrative.

I don’t miss him anymore

Who has woe? Who has sorrow?    Who has strife? Who has complaints?    Who has needless bruises? Who has bloodshot eyes? Those who linger over wine,    who go to sample bowls of mixed wine. Proverbs 23:29-31 (NIV Bible)   It’s funny. Back in my days in high school I used to hang out with a friend I won’t name. He loved to drink and party and I was always trying to win his graces by being invited. We would get obliterated, to the point where this realized he could get over a hangover by shoving his fingers down his throat and forcing himself to puke. I know because he told me to do the same one rough morning after which I saw him do it. This shit went on into our 20s. But then it finally hit me: I was tired being hungover and wanting to die after a long night at the bar. So I stopped drinking. Sure, I’d go out to a bar and have a social beer with friends, but I damn had …

Neutral Tones – Olympus VN-240 PC

  This album was recorded sporadically between 2006-2008 on a digital recorder purchased in 2004-2005. The model number of the recorder is the basis for the album title. The majority of the 23 tracks are first takes written and performed by Michael Medlen for my solo band Neutral Tones.   Guest appearances include Bonnie Weller and Patrick Medlen.