Disturbed’s Beautiful Schlock Video “The Sound of Silence”


Schlocky. Bold. Ugly.


Perhaps operatic?





It breaks your heart while stroking a cynic’s heart strings. Disturbed is the band you’re embarrassed to say you like. They’re not real metal, not that hard. Kind of gay maybe? Idk bro, they’re pretty dope.

What? Dope? Disturbed. Give me some death metal.

Dude, I don’t know, that dude that can scream like an animal has a pretty great voice.

Great? How?

He’s kind of got an operatic baritone. And he can hit those high notes. Sweet vibrato that accentuates the high points of the song. That’s pretty good.

Well, I don’t see it tho.

What if he was screaming like a demon?

Dude, it’s a technique. Like a distortion pedal on a guitar.

Just saying tho, bro. That dude can sing.

Do you even know the singer’s name?

No, but damn if he isn’t pretty bald. I’d might fuck him.

Gay bro.

Yeah you’re right bro. I’m just fucking with you. But that video, man that shit is pretty powerful.

Yeah, it’s alright. Kind of generic with it’s sepia color palate.

Yeah, it’s kitchy alright. Maybe pretty hamfisted. But if you get in the right mindset it’s kind of moving.  A cool use of slow motion and some time-lapsed photographic techniques. It’s kind of beautiful in its own way. Idk, I guess I don’t know how to defend it without saying it just hits the right buttons, at least after I smoked a bowl.

Bro, you got some weird taste. That shit is schlock thru and thru. Pure shit.

Yeah, but I kind of like it. I’m being serious. It’s kind of moving.

You’re fucking high.

Well, yeah. But that’s alright. I felt my heart get tugged a little bit watching that.

Well, bro, I need some of your shit then, cause I ain’t seeing it.


A conversation in my head watching this video.


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