Month: November 2016

To Jenna

Your caramel splashed strands, they could not describe; A billion times told–far more lovelier than what a spoken word could sketch on a stone slab cold and blind. But a picture often misleads, as do movies often occur profusion, And so–I cannot express a feeling in a glossy framed shot, But only hope your cover does not attract me to a well trod corner, Where dust and spiders do well cover that beautiful ugly spot. Oh–may your glorious false hair shine forth the true her– Please tell me beauty is more than just in the eye of the wanting, That the blind, and for that the deaf, don’t have unwanted pocket deuces, That the lucky and the blessed–Nature’s chosen that go flaunting– Do well hope for a lustful virgin–whose legs tremble from more than life juices. Advertisements

The Tale of Jimmy Neverbee

Of the all the kids there had to be, All but one, not two nor three, A young tike gone by Jimmy Neverbee. “For no one can give birth to me, I create my own destiny,” said he.   And young Jimmy of age three, Upon after receiving a whipping, Hissed at his mother ever so sweetly, “Dear mom, dare not strike upon thee I am my own, Jimmy Neverbee, For no one can discipline me, I create my own destiny,” said he.   And by the time of his teens, Jimmy went uncontrollably, Through school without creed, To get grades, no better than a D. “For no one can learn me, I create my own destiny,” said he.   Now one day he, ol’ poor Jimmy, Ran into the likes of a mean bully Named Bobby McGee. Who happened to be In Jimmy’s tree. Not two nor three, But one finger so mean, To Bobby he let free,   Mean Bobby gave Jimmy, A swift kick to the groin, And left the fledging On …

Burnt Out Junkies

Remember those times when we got high, and seemed like the night was ours to ride? We were the rebels rebelling against nothing but our monotonous lives. We tore through those long summer days, when we stripped clothes to take safe from the heat, but it was truly our bodies we wanted to see. We were children claiming a remote clove in a forest for us, both you and I, and we played and stayed the for so long they took us for dead, And when we showed up our faces turned red. Oh, to think what they would say if they knew what we did, you and I, kid. Who could forget those days flickering off the tip of a burnt out cigarette? But if only the joints we smoked and the bowls we puffed could permanently put ourselves on the backburner, and let us become drifters on a flowing river, just letting our lives float by. If only the drugs could make us forget how much shit we were in. If only was …

Ray Rice

Ray Rice aka Do men go to jail for domestic abuse? The cold cock slip of the wrist just another day in the life   a woman now married a child on the way slavery you ask? or just domestication?   a slip of a ring a prenup and a divorce sign those fucking papers bitch or face my remorse


The sun still rises The earth still moves And through the gone They’re reminded We were here   And so we loom Shadows of giants Shoulders to the moon Prints uncovered Fossils for fuel   A map to history A scale of humanity A destiny unfolded A lapse in a loop But not forgotten   And though our remains have dissipitated Absorbed into the mouths of carnivores Perhaps even turned into shit Our ghosts’ thoughts linger As words on the page    

How to Stop Eating So Much (Shitty Food)

Realize it’s okay to eat.– Learn to be happy as fat Track your progress and see what you’re eating Learn to move — walk, weight lift, run, jump, just do something Make a change — cut out pop, a snack, sugar, fat, but make a change that can cut calories while still feeding yourself Monitor your progress, make adjustments where necessary — cut out more foods, exercise more, quit your job, sell your car, make a morning run your ultimate goal, just do it Track your success. Build breaks. Take a month off, a week, or a day. Tell yourself you’re not where you want to be, but at least you can maintain where you are. Rinse, wash, repeat. The battle is never over, and you will fail. Most likely many times, but damn if every time you get back up it will get harder, but at least you’ll know you’re capable of doing it. Fail enough times and you will strike gold, just don’t be upset when you realize maybe a size 34 is …

Disurbed’s Beautiful Schlock Video “The Sound of Silence”

  Schlocky. Bold. Ugly. Self-indulgent. Perhaps operatic? Sincere? No… (maybe???) Beautiful! It breaks your heart while stroking a cynic’s heart strings. Disturbed is the band you’re embarrassed to say you like. They’re not real metal, not that hard. Kind of gay maybe? Idk bro, they’re pretty dope. What? Dope? Disturbed. Give me some death metal. Dude, I don’t know, that dude that can scream like an animal has a pretty great voice. Great? How? He’s kind of got an operatic baritone. And he can hit those high notes. Sweet vibrato that accentuates the high points of the song. That’s pretty good. Well, I don’t see it tho. What if he was screaming like a demon? Dude, it’s a technique. Like a distortion pedal on a guitar. Just saying tho, bro. That dude can sing. Do you even know the singer’s name? No, but damn if he isn’t pretty bald. I’d might fuck him. Gay bro. Yeah you’re right bro. I’m just fucking with you. But that video, man that shit is pretty powerful. Yeah, it’s …