Month: May 2016

God Made Me Walk Out of Captain America: Civil War

  Imagine if a voice, let’s say God, spoke to you one day and told you could never watch a movie again. You’d most likely scream to the heavens “NNNOOOO!!!”  Or perhaps you’d call him a fraud and challenge his bluff. The what if he held sway? Such is the case that happened to me. Pumped and stoked for what should have been a wonderful time, I went into the new Captain America expecting to see a complete film. Instead, I walked out a mere hour into it. Let’s not pretend though, you either accept his (her)(their) presence or you don’t. Until a month ago I didn’t either, though I had been edging towards acknowledging the presence of the divine for some years now. It was only until he made his presence known to me though that I begrudgingly accepted it’s presence and realized there might be hope for my life. It’s just unfortunate that Civil War had to be a casualty in my new found spirituality, along with art in general. Though I’m not …


the following was filmed ten years ago as part of a fun video series (the song myxomatous originally accompanied it but has been removed due to copyright issues) enjoy!   shot and chopped by michael medlen choreographed and starring evan harrington and robert holdren

Dipping Donuts at Tim Hortons

The following is a review of the five “dip” doughnuts at the Tim Hortons located on Central Avenue in Toledo, OH. Vanilla dip   I asked for original But she heard vanilla Desolation inevitable I forged a smile Vapor rub and drippy lip Dipped just a little of my tip Piping hot and a slight roast I ripped my donut for the dunk Soak for 2 seconds Then splash on the up Begrudgingly I put The mush into my mouth Swapping texture for air The coffee was barely there.     Honey dip timber   I could only afford one So therefore I reform to inform That my vicious bite was so swift That flavor eluded to the gates of Valhalla   [editor’s note: Mike forgot to take the picture of this one] Original chocolate dip   A deep roast with a hint of bitter and dough This one’s a winner Just lay tongue on the coco And whisper I love you Chocolate dip   Stomach full Pocket light No looking forward to this delight Soft and lush …

My First Free Comic Book Day – 2016

The greatest day beside X-Mas was upon us to the delight of all our inner 11 years olds. Yes, I’m talking about free comic book day–an annual event where we’re all geeks and fans, and not just of the films. I gathered towards my new favorite comic book spot Monarch Comics and Cards for some free merch and to buy the second volume of the Sex Criminals trade back. Along the way… All your favorite Marvel heroes (poor DC) were on hand to shine their toned spandex covered butts in all their glory. Rogue was especially striking white her grey streak of lushness hair, along with Captain America and his unfortunate weight gain. But my favorite was Black Widow. Who couldn’t revel in her presence as she braved the ensuring humidity of May and its subsequent rising of temperature. People complain about the objectification of women in comic books but damn were those boots she was sporting hot. Of course. I was really there to see my good friend Peter Parker frighten little children like …

dancers in carmen hall

Jai guru deva om pools of glass and broken hands they dance to a spider song slipping into another time street lamps cut shadows on and on students swirl an open air a cool breeze a ballad drifting through wasted words rain around reflecting off fogged walls eyes locked with a silent promise on and on