Review of Keepers (Book, 2017)

Review of the Keepers

Sacha Black is an author I became acquainted recently with when a spirit told to me start signing up for those annoying e-mail pop-ups that, well, pop-up when you click on the website

Over the course of two months, I started signing up for everything, including Sacha’s own email list. When she asked for new reviews for her recent book, The Keepers, I knew this was the right choice.

This is my review.

Eden is a woman on the verge of something great if only she can get through the last ceremony for her school’s final ceremony where she’ll be bound to her elder picked soulmate.

I’ll be honest. YA is a genre I’ve slowly become unfamiliar with. I grew up on Phillip K. Dick novels and Bruce Coville alien stories. So to say I am the wrong audience for this book is putting it mildly.

But I have to admit. This novel was a heart-warmer.

Eden seems stuck to a self-centered partner named Victor, who seems to not have the same heart. He swears he loved Eden but the feeling is hardly mutual.

Mind you, all of this would be fine until a fellow siren named Trey shows up. He’s a handsome man with a chiseled jaw and prince-charming good looks, which seems to throw Eden for a stir.

Those two were friends from childhood but Eden seems to have forgotten Trey. But now that they find themselves together through an unfortunate set of circumstances–Eden’s parents are killed–she finds herself slowly falling under Trey’s spell.

Chaos ensues as Trey is bound to his own soulmmate, which leaves Eden resentful. But all this changes when a prophecy is discovered which suggests that Eden might not be destined to her fate with Victor afterall.

At heart a classic love triangle, the concept will definitely stir the imagination of young women looking for a fresh take. Eden’s world is one of magic and wonder, where young people have special abilities and giant missions to protect. It’s a world where earthlings are unaware of the magic that is involved in their lives or the spirits watching over them.

But to be honest, that description does the book injustice. The truth is this a for a teenage audience, and honestly, I’m not the guy to sell you this book. I’m just here to tell you I enjoyed it and so should you. Which is why I recommend you purchase a copy of Sacha’s new book and leave a glowing review if you at all care about an emerging author in a wonderful genre.

As always, much love and God bless!


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Jerk Off Man’s Not Hot

Hey folks.

Today I’m pleased to share a video with a fellow Nigerian named ChrisDean that I’ve become friends with over on the granddaddy of all social media sites, Facebook! The video is titled “Jerk Off Man’s Not Hot”.

This is animated video he and a fellow artist made. Their names are ChrisDean and Jaxson Empire.

Feel free to like and comment, and as always, please share!

God bless and much love,


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Faint love ♥ 

Please Read while listening to a Romantic Song 🔊 

***Writing this because i miss someone😭
I sat by the riverside,sad. I watched as it flowed peacefully southwards. Its source, we do never know. Just few weeks ago, Carter and I had sat on the log of wood we had made ourselves. I had lived a life of simplicity in the village before he came around to serve as a Corper and taught me what love was about. 
He had been hiding in the bush for good one week, trailing me and watching my every move. Then he had finally showed up on a certain hot sunny afternoon, when i had tried lifting a gallon of water on my head. It was close to impossible, because it was very heavy. I had sat down frustrated and helpless because the stream was a very lonely one, I preferred it because, I had learnt to live alone. I had no parent, just a little sister mum had tried delivering when she had died. Dad had gone few weeks after she did. All I lived for was for my little beautiful sister.
Carter came along to help me. I was scared when i saw the dark guy appear from no where. The cute thing was, he helped me carry the gallon himself home. All I did was smile at him, and as devilish and smart I could be, I made him go to the stream four good times when I had initially planned going once.
My sister loved him too. He was caring, not just to me but to her too. Our love story started few months after, he helped me work on my spoken English. Encouraged me and was my back bone. We stole the nights by slipping away quietly to the stream to watch the moon sleep and the Stream lay to rest after we must have sang for my kid sister. We would kiss, hug tightly and sometimes watch me close my eyes on his chest while he protects me from mosquitoes with his clothe.
But a week ago, he had broken up. He was done serving and would be going back to Lagos and wouldn’t cope with the long distance. I had tried convincing him with tears in my eyes that I would manage, that we could do it. But He turned his back on me, asking me to move on. My world had crashed. My sister cried. All i do till now is to come to the stream to cry till it’s late….
Then there was an usual noise, Then a light whisper of her name”Song”

She had turned back to meet a Tall dark Carter with open arms starring straight into her eyes, without thinking, with tears in her eyes, she ran with so much speed and landed like a baby on him…

“I missed you baby…I came back for you….”

Was all he could say…


#pretty Ginika 


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Review of WordPress | Why You Should Upgrade to Their Feature Plans

Review of WordPress

Hey folks.

I want to take time out of your today to sell you something that might be too good to be true. See, I’m a big fan of this platform called, which for me has been an awesome way to launch my magazine Flawed Masterpieces. Which is why I want to write this review of WordPress.

As someone who writes regularly, one of the greatest things I’ve found in gaining an audience has been using the platform. Designed for amateur and professional writers and artists, this website is awesome for anyone just starting as a blogger.

While anyone can join for free, there are a few upgrades you should consider if you’re at all serious about taking your blog to the next level.

Continue reading

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Ode to a Silent Night at Frankies…

Ode to A Silent Night at Frankies

I do it for the love that pours

from the bottom of the tear bucket

to the tip of the tongue…


Dripped with the scent of a cheap Coors

tinged with the lick of titanium

smacked against the rim…


To the sensation that drips

from the lick of the drug

that tastes of champagne mixed with your tears…


Straight from the bottle,

into your throat,

and down to my heart…


I do it all for you…

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Pomona and the endless wastes…

As I stare at the night sky,

as I behold the stars,

I long for you to stand next to me.

I wish to gaze with you

at the celestial vault

and dream together of infinite space.

I roam alone down dark deserted streets,

and listen to the sounds of night.

Sick and wasted, I think I am going mad.

The anger mounts.

I could tear the room apart.

I am alone.

I must remain silent.

None to hear me.

Only one cure, only one thing I crave.

I crave the warmth of your arms.



a kind word from you

would be all it would take,

and I am convinced what it will take,

to bring me back around again.

As I stand at this corner of the mournful waste,

I am torn by sorrow,


and fear!

I imagine you are here,

I lean in for an embrace

wanting to feel the warmth of your flesh,

the beat of your heart!

To drown in your caress,

and have you vanquish my doubts.

To have the queen of my desire

tell me I truly am worthy of her heart–

most precious of all treasures I seek!

For that Pomona,

I could put all at my feet!

To have your eyes look on me with desire,

I would journey long across desolate wastes.

I would conquer whole kingdoms!

I would unearth rare jewels

and adorn you with them!

I would possess ancient wisdom

and the riches of Tartessos

just to share them with you!

Oh to be the author of great deeds

just to have you listen!

But here I am broken,  almost ill.

The wind howls over this darkened waste.

The world is so cold and pale,

as my heart is nothing but a bleak Antarctic landscape.

I know tomorrow will be the same,

and you never hear me!

Tonight it’s all I can do

to keep from screaming your name!

How I wish you could be here to collect my tears!

But I am adrift forever in this endless void!

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Different shades of yellow 💕💕

I had grown up hating my skin. My teacher said it was lack of Melanin which colorizes the skin. I had prayed while growing up that I could get some Melanin and probably get my skin colorized. I do take long walks under the sun because I was told, the sun aids the skin to go dimmer. But these things never worked. I was born with the skin and I had to look for a way to live with it .
During my secondary school days, I was hated amongst my classmates, should I call it hatred or Ignorance? That’s how I will be brought out of class during the time of an afternoon hot sun and will be made to play hide and seek with them. Without closing my eyes, they knew I won’t ever be able to see them, so they kept pushing me around until I do fall down and cry.
Many times I had had crushes and many times I had watched them pick some other girls over me. I had tried makeup but I ended up looking horrible and scary. I had a very curvy shape but it was useless as nobody recognised it. I was always in the world of my own. My life a mirror of opposites to every other person’s own. Even my siblings didn’t find me attractive enough to tell the world I am their sister.

  “Was there a thing about being albino?why can’t no one accept me?” I would always wonder in the cloven of my lonely room.
Then I realised one day that they haven’t accepted me because I hadn’t accepted myself. I wasn’t loved because I didn’t love myself enough. 

“OMG Lola, what have you been doing to yourself?” I had screamed that night to myself. I took out a pen and googled out “How to love oneself.” I had penned down Important points and promised myself to go on with it.
I started by smiling and not shying away from the crowd, I then went on to look in the mirror everyday to appreciate myself. 

  “Oh babe, you have got such cute sexily blue eyes like diamonds. Oh look at your flawless long legs, your face is free from pimples. Wow look at your brownish lovely long hair. And your beautiful pink lips. Even your skin is flawlessly light, you are a different shade of a light girl.”
These were the words I used on myself everyday. I said these things to myself whilst smiling to the mirror. I then stopped wearing my buggy clothes that i used in hiding the colour of my skin from the eyes of the world and I burnt them and got myself very good sexily new clothes to flaunt my amazing skin and amazing shape. This was during my stay in the University, My friends had wondered how I changed and I explained to them that I just started knowing how beautiful I was. I discovered I was unique in a very special way, tho I discovered a bit too late, which made me not to enjoy my childhood but I was happy, I did discover my lost self.
My brown hair which I hated before because everyone had a black hair became my selling point. People had to start dying their hair to the color of my hair. I took very good care of it and hardly braided. I do just pack it in a knot and flaunt it around.
I, Lola who was the ridicule of all, who felt she wouldn’t amount to nothing, Is now a Married Medical Doctor with two amazing kids.
None of my kids has my amazing skin colour tho, should have taught them the principles of “loving Oneself” 😘



Pretty Ginika 

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