To Spirit Channelers

always sleeping

but never a peep

someone was watching

and so you are sheep…


and tho they return

some remember their past

to think ill be a mental slave

means you get fucked in the ass…



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Come back Diana

As I sit alone in the night,
the lights go out,
I think of you.
Its been years,
but what I wouldn’t do to see you again!

You were the part of me always missing.
What I felt in the music of Whitesnake,
or in musings of Timgad.
I walk the streets and think of you.

How I wish you were around every corner
or sitting in the next bar.

I would love to share just one more night with you…

I reach out,
I whisper your name.
It should have been me and you baby!

we would have been unstoppable!
Meine and Schenker meets Anthony and Cleopatra!
No one could stand in our way!

But now, where am I?
And where have you been?
Shall we ever see ourselves again?

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I Hate Being a Poet :)

Careers are for faggots
said a poet to a poet
and so mike frowned
and said
this makes me a poet…

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A Word to Hindus…

a WORD to hindus,

Beatles live better lives
than lilly white lies
so enjoy your haste
as you escape your caste

it took a little boy
to know why they cry…

brought to you by hitler…

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In her dreams…

Stretch back

take off your clothes

tracing 8’s down to your toes…


You build a fire just to keep me warm…


Tingles springs

and jinglings

the tickle sations licking our spine…


You know I did one thing right…


Fit like a daydream,

you’re the one I’m walking too,

just to call it what you want…


just a chain around pinky…


trace down your esophegaus

no one needs to save you

and yet it’s you…


call me what you want to…


high above the whole scene,

it was you and only you,

and still she sets me free…


and still it is me…

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white man

I’m offended

that you’re offended

that i’m offended

that you’re offended


(do you get the point…)

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I Went Off on a New Age Occult…

(for photography…)


for ricsfor everyonefor ajmes


Story behinds this, I was interested in what this occult had to say. They do have some lovely messages, but the idea that someone speaking with the Ghost of Jesus Christ would ask for 300 bucks just to be told to eat a vegan diet seems, I guess you would say, ridiculous.


Folk, if you want to follow Christ, spend the night at a homeless shelter and share a meal while you’re at it.


Love you all, and goodnight…




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