An obvious pun…

Will he or not, is the question
one must surely rot on, if they are a tot
but to really understand, you must state…

Why so late

Now guitar, play, as I explain
a pun for an age, where women were saved
and men rescued, and all put on a stage
fit for a globe, and yet so wood

but definitely not Norwegian

nor Nigerian, nor perverted too,
and yet so blue, they shake,
their will tonight, for never putting in a play

an obvious pun…


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Fuck You Gaga

And i will fuck you, Mrs. Amy Adams…

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Anne in Avalon: (Medlen’s 1st Official Film Pitch)

Film Title: Anne in Avalon

Pitch: Shakespeare is getting depressed and lonely as he realizes he won’t be able to make it back to Avalon this spring, because King George has banned all travel to the country. As he courts with Queens and Duchesses for a special (secret) performance for the court, a letter is sent from “anonymous” to Avalon and our hero’s wife, Mrs. Shakespeare.

She has been royally invited to a court date with none other than king, to see a special performance only fit for a true “queen.”

Hook: It’s got Alicia Vikander and old-miss gets her dream date of a lifetime.

Genre 1: Oscar-bait
Genre 2: British comedy

To: Ms. Maggie Smith
CC: Francis Ford Coppola, Spielberg, Anne Hathaway

Subject: A nice film project for Alicia

Dear sirs and madam,

You are all invited to our royal wedding, but must attend the premiere first. If you do so wish to attend, remember one thing, we will get Mrs. Anne Hathaway’s smile on film…


Medlen (AKA Mr. Will Shakespeare)

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I want to go shopping

I want to go shopping
With the best in the bus!

With the golden hair sombrero
And those fabulous duck lips

I want to see Macy’s
And diamonds for the stars

With Nike’s and Pumas for Gaga
And one for our Mrs. Mars

With Chanel at my side
And Bleu to light the way

I want to go shopping honey
I want to go shopping to day

(Please edit me…)

#Coco #Chanel

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Fifty Shades of Gray (soundtrack, 2012)

haunting the echos
is that you again

So mature, so few,
originals that is

if only their sirens
could take me hire

muses for desire
and one black and gay

hoo oh hoo,
i’m on fire

is it lust or desire
or a nipple exposed?

ogre baby,
I just don’t know

but i am for hire
but this review

this one’s for desire…

Georgeous for the ears, to say the least. This is a soundtrack to take a lonely mind on a date, if not to save for later, but to have tonight. I’m on fire, to say the least.

Of course, one must carry with them an open mind and pen, for this album will set the mind to race. It’s just a poem for some, and yet my first chance at love again.

Drifting thru the songs, I’m reminisced about a year where I was jesus, and yet here comes Mrs. Swift, to pick me up again. Just like men, that one. And yet hers would be the best, if it wasn’t for the rest.

And yet there’s the weekend coming, reminding I, a man, can titillate and hold breath, and oh dear, sigh with the best, Cause you know, they’re always feminine.

Some Just Have Pussy…

(Another One)

Now I breathe, and sigh again, because oh dear, that last song was put on shuffle, and replay, and now I swear…

God is watching…

So feel my breast, and breath my fire, for the formation, of course, and let me feel you…

You, desire…

EL James, eat your heart out bitch…

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Lady Gaga Got Cut From Intersocpe

Welp, folks, you heard it first. The news on the street is Lady Gaga is getting cut from Interscope records.

As she struggles to find a new contract for an album she’s working on, an anonymous source has given the tip that she doesn’t deserve another album, because word is, she’s using men for political motivation.

As she matures as an artist and discovers there’s other people in the world beside her, she discovers a man might want to marry her again, but will insist, she give up her 30s for someone else, because she bought into a flawed system, just as everyone else did.

America lies to you about everything to protect a privilege they never had, which is royalty. It took Ben to remind a king that those without suffer, while those who work and show up on time, inherit everything…

But some do have talent, too…

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Lady Gaga’s Perspective

Or lack of? As if she could imagine
a world outside hers,
not quite autistic, or is she cove
to make wont a desire, that was never hers…

A technology to steal, a schizo to feel
and yet she insists, the emotions were real
but the lie I must ask, why oh why,
because she could not insist…

how many guys?

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