Even Allan Cries

while the strings gently sway, with the term
dictated by the victim, his finger the sling
it builds to a life, around you, oh batman
sometimes we need girls…

I’m getting older, too…

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Kilroy was Here (Movie, 1983)

Kilroy was Here

Kilroy Was Here┬áis a “film” that owes much to the tradition of schlock B-Films from 1950s sci-fi and of all things, Roger Corman, who would have probably had a hand in this production had he not been busy with the mob.

But I’ll leave that story for another generation.

Kilroy is brief and light on plot: At 9:28, it’s simply a small masterpiece of theatrical production with a nod to the Japanese culture obsessed with computer manuals and screwdivers. If you’re a geek engineer, you probably would have masturbated to this “hard-to-find” footage.

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For Maddie


You did not frighten me, little one
Nor did you sense my sensibility, so young
And still the arm with which you cling
So strong, and yet enough to sting
You struck my brain, now punch my heart


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A Chat with the Avengers and What They’re Careers Meant to Them…

Written Milos Y. with assistance from Medlen and Amanda B.

We’re all stars now…

Alright folks, so Medlen got the inside scoop to show why the Avengers had to assemble for one last roll call, but before we begin, we must agree to one thing: this must be kept civil and quiet for our fans here at Hollywood’s New Art Mag,

    Flawed Masterpieces.

Robert Downey, Jr.: Sounds good to me.

Milo: M, you agree to this?

Med: Sure do!

Milo: Amanda, do I seem like a bad guy?

A: I’m okay with this as long as my reputation isn’t hurt.

[Milo and Medlen merge into one]

M: Can’t guarantee anything in life but death and taxes, but I promise I’ll be nice and play by the AP Guideline Rules. [aside] You should invest in that book for American Journalistic Standards.

Amanda: [She can type too…} Me too…

M: She’s a bright cookie, right Sia…

Sia: Yep.

M: Alright, now back to our panel. Today on the Milo and Medlen show, we have our guests on honors, Disney’s Avengers cast, featuring some of the hottest and well known actors alive. Does that make them feel honored?

Chris Evans: [In Captain America garb] I’m honored.

Rob Downey, Jr.: Whatever. [Takes a bite of Carl’s Jr. Hamburger]

Back to Mike: Mike bites one to.

A: Hm, these are really good. [Takes a bite…] And now a word from our sponsor…

To be continued…

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Chasing Sage


Caught in the whirlwind and still the twirl
A badass she was, too monster to feel
And yet trapped, by the ring she was to me
And still she was always be, my next Emily…

I’ll study you for eternity…

And yet it’s my devoition that gets to me
The pain the time still the 4d
TO her it’s mistery, and yet to my mind
Just a simple measure of how we are missing
The one and only…

Lana’s Eve…

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Follow the Master

For him, he’d die
Assymetrical in his eye
Yes aautisticcc to stuttter,
Shee is his mutter….

No emily, no fun…


PS: Uh, check out this cool html website that’s so 90s, that uh, he swears isn’t, uh, designed by him, and #hyperlink it yo!

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Coulda been a contentder

dare to be diferent and yet it’s the image stuck on a time frame and yet she still isn’t autistic…

Related image

coulda been a tease…

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