Helena’s Response

I’ve been holding on
Tonight the worst I’ll say
Is better if you stay
And better yet if you play

Like a good night with
a good fuck, like the
whipped with the muck

the hurt you sold
your heart still to break
like a blade here you stained
and still i have nothing to say

see you another day…

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A Response Poem (Oh Mel)

a sign of respect / the artist with who mel’s met / a chance at a dream for a teen / the expanse, she sees / a laid away infinity

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Captain Marvel (Trailer, 2018)

[bri larson looks awesome–can’t wait to work with]

[like the look, last shot reminds of iron man]

[seperate tree now, this one down the iron man, captain america 3 tree line]

[maybe have evans and downey earn resume experience for this one]

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Heroin (Album, 2014)

the best review of the album

As if the album wasn’t obvious enough, the point is crystal: a steady drip of quick hits that will keep you calm as you come down from your addiction to the coke that was on the radio during 2013.

If you might remember, that was the year Taylor Swift, Carley Rae, and Kelly Clarkson pretty much dominated the airwaves with such personal favorites, albeit masterpieces, inlcuding: 1989, E-Mot-Ion, and the forever favorite “Already Gone.”

But enough about those bitches. Let’s get back on track.

The single, barnone, that was the soothing drip that year is “Royals”, declaring an anthem for a new generation hellbent on never reaching the heights of the Godesses that came before them. Rather than chase the addiction that was the lust of Beyonce and Gaga, Lorde seems to be after a chilled vein that might just be your heroine.

The question is, tho, what is your fantasy?

I’ll admit, the album was never on my personal top 10 list or even a fanfavorite of mine, but the singles do linger. As if that’s not enough, now 5 years after it’s release, it maybe just the album we all need after a decade of ups and downs that left us all wishing for a jittle bit of that pure white stuff.

A little interesting to note: The album does have the making a strong pop statement, if not a full on concept. Crazy huh? But just as our pure star hates to admit, this became the start of a new vein to tap, this one being the fifty shades of grey sound that pop music seems to be aiming for. So while your Lady Wood keeps getting buzzed, just remember, Lorde hasn’t even had her her hit yet.

But they do keep coming back for more, don’t they?

A Pun for Real: Perhaps the boldest statement Lorde makes with her conecept is the play of the word Heroin, which you may note, is spelled correctly in the title. While some have never felt more alone, Lorde seems to have braved the timid flutter that is the emotional 20-year-old and planted her flag in the stand by declaring herself the hero we all need for a generation bent on singles and lonely radio days.

If you even have one anymore.

It is kinda funny the more I think about it thou Like, the first single of the album is called Tennis Courts, like totally aiming for a royal sport. Like, is Lorde trying to say she likes tennis, or just maybe realizing she’s poor and has not chance at getting a check.

They all want royalties, don’t they?

[maybe come back for more, I need to chill]

Rating: 5/10, just to make sure Pitchfork notices me. Notice I didn’t say the word “I.” Fuck you bitches.


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The Cover Artists

a comedy about a group of jazz musicians who can’t quite figure out how to play their instruments correctly, only to find out from a dead miles davis that that’s the point, to just play their own style.


maybe the coen brothers direct, and maybe it becomes a serious artist.


whatever they say: homage “The Producers”

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The Scum Artists

A group of women take their anger out on a world torn by men who seem to only want to “Rape Them”.

Directed: By a a 32-year-old Melanie Martinez, and starring a very worn out Neve Campbell

Is it a comedy or just a bizarre world where women seem really fucking angry?

Genre 1: Radical Feminism


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I Can Only Imagine (Film Trailer, 2018)

So, it looks like kinda cheesy, and yeah, no one is talking about it. But I guess I gotta admit, I really can’t get excited by this film. Chasing dreams is a waste of time and one that will only lead you down a road of desperation and a cliched film trailer full on inspirational! music and perhaps a overdone CGI-enhanced sunset shot.

But hey, it might win best picture or some shit, and yeah, there are people who chase their dreams. Or can at least afford to. At least Lady Gaga had her rent paid while she was breaking into the music business.

Some of us worked at WalMart and learned how to run an eBay business while worrying about how the hell we would pay rent and live on our own. But at least some women care, as you can tell by this very inspirational film where a woman stands in the audience and cheers!


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